For the Weary and Beaten Down

19 May 2015 0


“I pray not that Thou shouldest take them out of the world…” John 17:15

“They are not the most majestic trees that grow in the sheltered valleys, where no storms break, but those rather which are found upon the hill-tops and on the mountains, where they must encounter the fierce gales. It is so with men: the noblest are grown amidst difficulties and hardships, not in pampered ease. Even Jesus Himself was trained in the school of conflict and struggle. It may be the easiest thing to have no battles in life, to grow in some sheltered plain where the storms never blow, to meet no hardships, to have no burdens to carry; but what sort of life comes in the end from such a career? If we would reach the heights of blessedness we must be content to pass through the fields of struggle.

When armies return from victorious war, the loudest cheers are not for those who have fought the fewest battles, nor for the flags which are cleanest, but for the regiments which are cut down to a few men, and for the colors that are shot to pieces. So it will be in heaven when the redeemed are welcomed home. Those who have fought the most battles, and bear the most “marks of the Lord Jesus,” will receive the highest honors. It is better, then, even for Christians themselves to stay in this world and to grow to strength through duty and conflict.”

Excerpt from “Come Ye Apart” by J.R Miller

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I’m Back

18 May 2015 0

Some of you may have noticed I have posted a few posts in the past couple of months after about a 2 year sabbatical.  I had to pretty much shut down the blog years ago because it was taking over my life.  You may remember my farewell post.  So why am I back now?

Well, alot of water has gone under the bridge since I last wrote that post. My babies have grown up a little more, my life has ebbed and flowed in various ways.  I had a health crash in which we hit rock bottom in many ways.  The Lord ministered to us over and over through our family and our church.  Life had to look alot different than we thought it would look.  Our homeschooling had to look different than we thought it would look.  But, it has all been in His good, wise, pleasure to bring us down this tough and difficult path.  When you are in the midst of affliction all those “words” you spoke in times of ease kind of fall away. And that is good.

And then the Lord saw fit to begin me on a path of healing again and has given us a bit of reprieve.  After many years of prayer and trying SO many different things, He has shown me some marvelous direction for my health. If you haven’t I hope you will read my Plexus testimony.

I love to write.  It is a passion of mine. I have blogged for many years, first on the private blogs that only the family saw, then here on A Mother’s Heritage.  The problem is that over time I had lost the joy of blogging.  I lost the joy of it and instead of it serving me I began serving it.  So this time it is my hope that it will be different.

This time my posting might be sporatic.  No more deadlines and trying to keep up with the next big blogger for me.  No more pressures to make my blog look or be “relevant.”  No more fixating on the numbers reading and my ratings.  I just will be here, posting when I have free time, encouraging who I can, and sharing what the Lord puts on my heart.
I hope to start putting up some health articles with helpful links of things that I have and am learning along the way of rebuilding my health.  I have learned so much and am still learning.  And in that line I hope to share more with you about my home business.

I hope to be putting up some of those more fun personal mom things that I miss sharing about.

I hope to be sharing godly quotes from Matthew Henry’s commentary and other sources to edify and encourage.

But, you won’t find me spending hours making sure my blog design keeps up with the times.  You won’t find me trying to put lots of advertisements from others up on my sidebars.  You won’t find me doing tons of link-ups or all those things that trap you into deadlines.  I may not even spell-check my posts everytime!  :)

So, if my journey suits you and you want to come along with little ole’ me….welcome back to A Mother’s Heritage!

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Plexus Pain Relief Program

14 April 2015 0

I just listened to a call from our medical doctor at Plexus Worldwide.  I was so blessed by all the information regarding our Fast Relief products.

Dennis Harris MD. is a graduate from Ohio State Medical School. He has created the southwest pain control program and is one of the leading pain experts in the world.  Pain management is his passion. So many have the question what do you do with chronic pain?  We have 100 million americans in chronic pain.  That’s one in three! There is such a need out there for answers and Dr. Harris is part of an exciting program meeting that need with Plexus!

All pain is due to inflammation. That is where the focus of everything is. Most drugs don’t address the root problems of pain. And after spending time in the pharmaceutical world, Dr. Harris has gone a different direction. Plexus is now the beneficiary of Dr Harris’ research and desire to find help for root problems without side effects.
The fast relief line all are tied together in dealing with pain in a different direction.
When you get damage to your nerves or any tissue you always get inflammation. Chronic inflammation slows down or stops the healing process.  There are three things that cause inflammation and all the drugs that are out there only target one of those causes.
Dr Harris is familiar with all the drugs that reduce inflammation but he wanted to address inflammation without the side effects.  He wanted to use a different approach.
Introducing Fast Relief Capsules -
The star ingredient in our Fast Relief Capsules is ETArol (Lyprinol). This come from New Zealand Shell fish.
The story is that Maui people used the green lipped mussel as a part of their daily lifestyle. When the English took over the area they had doctors examine the Maui people. What they found amazed them.  No matter how old the locals were they had no indication of arthritis!  Later when they moved away and stopped their consumption of the New Zealand green lipped mussel they began to show signs of arthritis.
This ETArol (Lyprinol) that comes from the mussel has been studied clinically all over the world in hospitals and universities.

Lyprinol also contains the 3 components needed for rebuilding and maintaining cartilage. In these little fish they also found a newly discovered form of Omega 3 fatty acid called ETA.  There is NO other source in the world of ETA than in these Green Lipped Mussel. 

And that’s not all…The maintenance dose of Fast Relief will give you your daily requirement your Omega fatty acids~ no more need for an additional supplement of fish oils!

Other ingredients in Fast Relief are:
Tumeric- We all know turmeric is very powerful and Plexus uses it in a concentrated form.  It is neuroprotective and protects the system from damage. Tumeric helps the cardiovascular system and can help fight or prevent cancer.  Tumeric also reduces the tendency for blood clotting.
Bromelain: This is an enzyme whose main job is to break down protein.  It is a potent anti inflammatory especially in sport injuries.
Serrapeptase: another powerful enzyme used in sports injuries
The synergistic effect is that all these put together make a powerful product!
While the Fast Relief Capsules heals from the inside out.  The Fast Relief Cream heals from the outside in!  Take a look at these ingredients for the cream:

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel Concentrate, Purified Water, Menthol, Lyprinol, Bee Pollen Extract, Sea Kelp Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Cucumber Extract, Chamomile Extract, Green Tea Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, MSM, Oleoresin Capsicum, Chondroitin sulfate, Sweet Almond Oil, Glucosamine sulfate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Lavender Extract, Orange Flower Extract, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin E as Tocopherol, SD40 Ethyl Alcohol, Oil of Peppermint, and Potassium Sorbate.

The Plexus Fast-Relief Cream is a powerful formula that includes several additional herbal extracts and nutrients that play a vital role in joint health, and the reduction of inflammation.

Plexus Nerve Health:


Where else do you see an ability to actually rebuild and restore the nerves?

There is no drug out there anywhere in the world that will heal and regenerate damaged nerves. Not one medication has been able to produce nerve growth factor which is needed for nerve repair.  Plexus Nerve Health does!
I have read some amazing testimonies even one story of a woman whose mind was brought back from dimentia through plexus products.  Do you know anyone with neuropathy, pins and needles, chronic pain, numbness?  Contact me for more info!
Don’t forget to read my Pleximony!

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10 Reasons to Join Plexus

26 March 2015 0

As you may know there are three ways to buy from Plexus. Many people love being a preferred customer and that is wonderful.  In this post though, I would love to convince you of the benefits of a Plexus membership.

1. Joining Plexus allows you to buy your products at wholesale prices. (Many people join for this one reason alone and do not have an interest in the business side of Plexus~and that is perfectly alright. :) )

2. Plexus has an amazing team of members. I love the women that I am on a team with. We all help each other. There are many Christian homeschool moms with large families that are reaping the benefits of sharing Plexus. Some of the Plexus leadership are Christians as well.


3. Plexus is the 8th fastest growing privately owned company in the country right now! They are debt free and in the past three years they have grown by 16,000%

4. To become an Ambassador there are not huge overhead costs, no inventory needed ~ a simple $34.95 gives you all you need to begin your exciting journey!

5.Plexus has one of the best compensation plans ~ different from other companies and is very generous.  Here is a link to an overview of the plan. The ambassadors earn money in 11 different ways and with 7 different levels.


6. Ambassadors for Plexus are part of sharing products that can truly be a means of changing peoples lives.  There are so many godly families that are discouraged and struggling. For the Lord to raise up tired mothers, suffering fathers and ailing loved ones through Plexus is SO exciting!

7. You can set your own schedule and go at your own pace. You are able to put your business on hold at any time and come back when you are ready with no change in your rank or status.

8. When you join Plexus you receive encouragement, coaching and training to make learning easy and at your own pace.

9. Plexus allows mothers to be home with their children~putting their family’s first as in Proverbs 31.  Many women have had wonderful success simply using facebook to share!

10. Plexus is EASY and FUN!  You get to paid to buy your own products and far beyond. Sharing with friends and family and seeing the Lord use Plexus to help them is gratifying.  Soli Deo Gloria!



Ready to join? Here are step by step instructions:


1. First click on “Join” in the upper right hand corner of the Plexus website. 

2. Next, you have the one-time option of choosing a deeply discounted Welcome Pack, offered at the time of joining or within 60 days. (I recommend D, F, I, or J. I is my favorite.) Otherwise just click on the $34.95 Annual Membership/Replicated Website/Web Hosting Fee.

3. Scroll all the way down and click ‘Agree’.

4. This will then take you to the next page which is the “AutoQualification” page. Choose one that you like, but keep in mind you can always change it, customize it  and turn it off later.The AutoQual is just a back up order that will ship if you forget to place your regular monthly order and wish to remain qualified to earn commission.  The AutoQual will not ship if you have already reached your monthly minimum. (Your monthly minimum can come from your own orders or the orders of those who order through your website – or both!) You also have the option to turn the AutoQual off later if you are not interested in earning commission (there is no monthly minimum required if you just want to buy the products at wholesale prices).

5. The last step is where you fill out your name, address and choose your website name.  It will be (you decide what to put in the blank). Then you will pay and receive your confirmation. That’s it!

Plexus Worldwide will send you a welcome email with your Ambassador number and the password you chose to log in to your new website. This is the link you can then share when others want to try Plexus too. You will then be contacted by me and let the fun begin!

Email me at and let’s be Facebook friends!

And if you have not read my Plexus testimony, make sure you do!

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