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Welcome to A Mother’s Heritage!

I pray you will be blessed by your time here.

You will not find me around because I am busy tending babies, homeschooling my precious children, and loving my teenagers, as well as being a help meet to the most wonderful man a girl could ask for!

But, I hope you will put your feet up and enjoy your time here and be refreshed!

HERE –You will find out more about me and my precious family.  You will also find out what A Mother’s Heritage is NOT!

HERE –You can real about my husband’s and my courtship as well as our thoughts 16 years later.

HERE –You will find some encouragement if you have suffered or know someone who has had a miscarriage.

HERE – I will talk openly about my struggles with depression.

HERE –You can see some of the great homeschool resources our family recommends, especially for large families.

HERE –You can check out my ebooks which I hope will be a great blessing to you and your family.

And don’t forget the sidebars where all manner of topics and heart to heart discussions have taken place.  May you truly be blessed.

So pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy your time at A Mother’s Heritage!


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Farewell–at least for now.

28 July 2012 13

Don’t forget!  Our two giveaways are through the end of today so make sure to check them out!  I will be contacting the winners on Monday!
I am having to make a hard decision.  It has only been made after much thought, prayer and counsel.
That decision is to for a time at least, I need to step away from updating this blog A Mother’s Heritage.
One of the commitments I made in beginning this little corner of the web, was that my family must always come first.  I must not blog about being a mother, while neglecting my sweet children.
I love this blog, I love to write, and I love to hear from each of you, my readers.  But, I must never trade the cyber interactions for the moments of gazing into my children’s eyes.
With a new school year beginning, educating kindergarten through college at home.  With having  baby number 8 on the way this winter and my own health issues that I face daily. My family must come first and I am just being spread too thin.
As I mention in my ebook Kingdom Distractions for Titus 2 Mothers, the book of Nehemiah has much for us to glean regarding the easy distractions that can come our way.  And we are doing a great work, so that we cannot come down from the wall. My top priority is in the service of the Lord in guiding my home and serving my family and I must maintain all of my reserves for them right now.
Will I come back?  I really don’t know what the future holds.  I still have unwritten blog posts swirling in my head.  I love to share with you.  Who knows what the future might bring as my babes get older and life changes.
I have met so many wonderful sisters and established such encouraging friendships within the blogging community and so I do plan on staying in touch through facebook and you may even see me guest posting out in cyberspace on some of my favorite blogs a time or two.  Time will tell.
And of course my two ebooks are still available… Embracing the Mess And Kingdom Distractions for Titus 2 Mothers.
And I do hope that you will spend lots of time here on A Mother’s Heritage still, reading the many, many posts that have come from my heart.  It is my prayer that A Mother’s Heritage would continue to be a shining light of grace, truth and encouragement during these days!  If you have been encouraged, challenged and blessed, I would love to have your share this blog with others.
 Soli Deo Gloria!

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Homeschooling a Large Family- Plus our Plan for This Year

27 July 2012 5

We are gearing up around here to start a new homeschooling year.

Some of you also might be starting to turn your thoughts that way as well.

Are you in the planning stages, ordering stages, or maybe you have already started the new schoolyear?

OR  just maybe you are still blissfully enjoying summer with nary a thought heading  towards fall yet.  :)

Today I would like to share with you some resources that have been helpful to us as a family over the years in our homeschooling.  And then I will share with you what we are doing this year for our family…

Being a second generation homeschooler, we have certainly seen the gamut of curriculum out there.  There are some excellent resources and so many choices!  Here are some we have used (I have added a couple items that we have not personally used but had heard good things about).


Math and Science:

Teaching Textbooks

This is a great, fun computer math that is very interactive in the early and middle years.  Made specifically to pattern after Saxon for homeschoolers.  We give it an A+

Switched on Schoolhouse

This is also an independent program that covers all subjects actually, the Duggar family even recommends it.  :)


Saxon has been tried and true for many, many years and we love it, especially when you combine it with the Dive Cds.

For Math Printables I have used themathworksheetsite.com for years.  A few clicks and I have great worksheets for my children…and best of all, it’s free!


Language Arts:

These  three above are little game show type programs that are fun for the children to use as supplemental and they are not expensive either!

Essentials in Writing DVD and worksheet files

This is a completely taught by DVD writing course.  The children watch the writing course taught by Matthew Stevens and then they do their worksheets!  Feel incompetent to teach this subject?  Mr Stevens does the work for you!

Applied Grammar

I have not used this program but was introduced to it recently at a homeschool seminar… check it out!

Spelling Power

This is one big book that covers from the beginning all the way to a senior level.  Your one stop shop for every word that you will ever need spelled and a simple way to keep your children on track.

Spelling City is a wonderful FREE resource for spelling.  You can create you own lists, or already made up lists.  There are games, vocabulary, and all manner of ways the children study the words.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 

In these times typing skills are essential.  This is an old standby for many.



Mystery of History

Can I give a huge shout out to my favorite history for all ages?!  I know Linda Hobar personally and our family has used MoH for years and loved every minute of it.  With history being one of my favorite subjects I gather all my children together for “classroom time” and we love learning from MoH.  With a Christian worldview and learning biblical right along with secular history the puzzle pieces just fit together.  What Chinese dynasty was during the time of some of your biblical heroes…these things will come to life with Mystery of History!

The Story of the World By Susan Wise Bauer

Sometimes I use this alongside my Mystery of History.  In story-like form this compliments to me what I use up above.

A Child’s History of the World by V.M Hillyer

Would you like to use an old time absolute gold mine of a history book?  Would you like something that you can give your child and have them read an interesting world history in one volume.  V.M Hillyer has a way of storytelling that will have your child wanting more.  We have an old, old copy that is a treasure!  Note of Warning: there is evolution at the very beginning so you will want to edit or tear out the first few pages.

No matter what History program you use, a homeschool must is Timeline of Classics…your literature guide to every time period from the beginning to current!  No homeschooler should be without it! You can read my review of this wonderful resource here.




Starfall is a wonderful resource for your early learners.  We love this computer program!  It has been so helpful for my little ones that I went ahead and paid the reasonable fee to get more access to great interactive phonics and other subjects as well.

Phonics Pathways

I have used this for years from my firstborn on.  This is a one stop phonics that only takes about 10-15 minutes a day.  Your child will enjoy reading words quickly. We make up little games for the little bookworm character that is highlighted in Phonics Pathways.  This is just such a no-nonsense phonics that is great for a large family and a busy mama.

Pathway Publishers

We love these readers.  They are pure and simple with stories that build up and edify.  Wholesome stories your children will love to read.

We have a huge library of books in our home from which we pull from for reading. We have  loads and loads of Historical fiction (*GA Henty, etc), and just plain old good solid reading material for all ages.



Latin Primer, Book 1 by Martha Wilson

We have the old video taped version of this Latin course.  It has been a huge blessing to our family.  I am amazed at how much our children have been able to decifer English words based on the Latin they have learned…it is so much fun!

Unit Studies:

Homeschool Legacy–Growing up all we had were things like Konos, which for my busy, large family is just too complicated and loads of work for mommy.  Homeschool Legacy has done all the work for you!  In these once a week unit studies each booklet stands by itself so you can pick and chose for your family.  To be used with all your grade levels this makes having fun learning, easy!

So what are we doing this year??

This year our family is changing yet again.  With baby #8 on the way this winter life will again move in fast forward.  Teaching 5 grade levels and overseeing a college student plus keeping a toddler and newborn in my arms, we have changed from our eclectic approach to a simpler, but I think exciting approach.

We are going to be using A.C.E./PACE School of Tomorrow this year for my 8th grader down to my Kindergartner.  We are very impressed with the way that A.C.E  instills in the children a good self-motivation and work ethic.  Using doable, bite size, colorful workbooks the child sees his/her progress as they learn day by day.  We have been spending the day today doing placement tests, which allow us to fill in any gaps we would like, and start them on their level, rather than being tied to a grade.  As a mother of a large family this will free me up to all the many duties I have as well as give us an organized system of schooling.


But I would be remiss if I didn’t address the question…

What about College?

Well our son who is soon to be 15 is enrolled in College Plus.  He is earning dual credits and Lord willing when he graduates from highschool he will also have his bachelors degree.  Want to learn more, check out our journey through CollegePlus!

And then we have alot of LIFE happening which has tons and tons of learning going on.  Watching butterflies hatch out of cocoons, raising bunnies, having “words of the day” by Daddy at the dinner table, watching historical movies, science videos, singing together and so on.

Put this all together and you have the makings of a homeschool family!

Thanks for stopping by.  Do you home educate?  What do you use?

P.S Don’t forget our two giveaways still going on!!

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Raising Real Men and Hero Tales Giveaway!

26 July 2012 4

Have you entered our giveaway of the Homeschool Legacy Unit Study yet?  The giveaway is still going on!

And today I have another exciting giveaway- this time a package to offer to one of my readers today!

Are you a mom of boys?  Do you know a mom of boys?

I grew up with one sister.  Until I was 16 and then my baby brother was given to us by the Lord.  I was like a second mother to him and doted on his everyday. Yet, when I became a mother, having spent most of my years with just a sister, which meant tea parties and dolls, I felt unprepared for raising boys.  Now having been given 4 boys (along with 3 girls and another baby on the way) I still feel the need everyday for wisdom on how to raise the next generation of leaders.  That’s why I want to glean from those that have gone before me in this endeavor.

Hal and Melanie Young have six boys in their home (as well as their two girls).  They have written a practical, encouraging book called:

Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys

I was privileged to meet the Youngs at the Teach Them Diligently Conference last year.  One of the things that struck me was their joyful, upbeat attitudes and zest for life that they exhibited.  Mixing in humor with deep content, Hall and Melanie offer advice and wisdom to navigate our boys through their growing up years.  Here is a look at their table of contents:

Introduction: The Challenge of Boys 17
Part One: Virtues In The Rough . . . . 23
A Marred Image
Resisting Feminization
Manly Virtues
Someone To Look Up To . . . . . . . . . . . 31
What Kind Of Heroes?
Boys Need Heroes
What Is A Hero?
What Does The Bible Say About Heroes?
The First And The Ultimate
Heroes Between “First” And “Ultimate”
Visual Media
Dealing With Mixed Content In Film And TV
Heroes From History
Fictional Characters
Is There Not A Cause? . . . . . . . . . . . 49
A Biblical View Of Adventure And Recklessness
Bring On The BoldnessAdventure In The Cause Of Christ
When To Comfort, When To Encourage
An Age For Risk
Standing Alone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59
The Way It Used To Be
Getting It All Backwards
Responsibility, Then Freedom
Avoiding Disaster
Learning To Stand
Taking Up Arms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69
Violence And Scripture
Principles Of Play
A Time For Real Weapons
Who’s In Charge Here? . . . . . . . . . . . . 85
What The Bible Says About Leadership
Learn To Obey Before You Learn To Lead
A Matter Of Discipline
Developing The Next Generation’s Leaders
Starting Small
Servant Leaders
Racing to Win . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107
Future Leaders
The Biblical View Of Competition
The Puritan View Of Games And CompetitionMaking Competition A Good Part Of Our Sons’ Lives
Academic Incentive, Too
Lessons To Teach And Learn In Competition
Families Should Be Cautious About Too Much, Too
What If Your Son Is “Gifted”?
Doing Real Things . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .123
Part Two: Civilization for the Tough 131
First Things . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .135
In Your Heart
Teach Them Diligently
As You Walk In The Way
A Faithful Steward . . . . . . . . . . . . . 147
Cash, Check, Or Credit?
Where Should It Go? Where Did It?
Entering The Work World
Looking Ahead
Your Own School for Boys . . . . . . .159
Developmental Differences
Developmental “Delays”
Gender Differences In Learning
Louder, Mom
“I Think He Must Be Hyperactive…”
“Why Do I Have To Learn This, Anyway?”What’s Your Goal, Son?
The Benefit Of Stress
Never Send An S.O.S.
Chivalry Is Not Dead . . . . . . . . . . . . . 179
What The Bible Says About Manners
Some Practical Examples
Social Interaction
Out Of The Greenhouse
KP Isn’t Women’s Work . . . . . . . . . . . .195
A Biblical Look At Work Roles
Even In Our Culture
Mission Critical Tasks
Love and War . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 205
Time To Talk, And Not To The Kids
Talk Is Not Cheap, It’s Essential
The Battlefield Of The Mind
Avoiding A Big Trap
A Fist To Knock Away Temptation
Finding A Wife
Our Courtship Story
His Own Man Now . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 225
Becoming A Man
Stepping ForwardPreparing To Provide
The Next Step
Becoming Counselors
Appendix 1: But My Son Isn’t . . . . . . 245
A Man’s A Man
Challenging Him
Giving Permission
Acknowledgements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 251
Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 253
Colophon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 255


As the 2011 book of the year, this is one valuable resource for you mamas with boys!

You can read a sample of a chapter here called Racing to Win.



TV, Media, Computers, iPods, Movies–the images flash before us faster than we can blink!  In todays high tech age getting back to a true love of story telling and books is so important.  Our children’s brains are stimulated and caused to grow so much better through hearing books and stories aloud, than vegging in front of a screen.

Finding true heroes for our children and especially our boys is essential!  Many people do not know that Theodore Roosevelt wrote a book for children.  I know that I did not know that!

Now imagine stories written by Theodore Roosevelt “The Most Interesting American” and combine that with great sound effects, such as ships creaking, angry mobs, cannon fire and you have a boys dream!

Here are just a few samples of the stories:

George Washington

Daniel Boone (which you can listen to a sample of on their website)

The Battle of New Orleans

John Quincy Adams

The Alamo

Kings Mountain

I am excited to say that Melanie gave me a free set to offer as a giveaway for my readers as well!

So have fun entering below for this great bundle!

Raising Real Men Paperback Book AND Hero Tales (set of three!)

Enter below and check out all their products today!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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