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29 June 2015 ~ 16 Comments

Olympic Hero, Missionary…or Mommy?

Sharing again some thoughts from awhile ago… Here is a story of 3 women. Woman number 1 is an olympic athlete.  She loves to skate and has trained for it from her earliest remembrances.  Hour after hour, day after day she has put her effort into this goal of excellence.  But, it has cost her. […]

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12 June 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Mothering a marathon not a sprint~Lessons from a sister from her bed

The writings of a dear sister who is bedridden with sickness yet shines forth the glory of the Lord: “Not difficult; merely tedious.” This was N’s description of his first preparatory algebra lesson last evening, on which he made a perfect score. J also scored well on his first 4th grade lesson. When I remember […]

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27 May 2015 ~ 1 Comment

Let down thy net~ a word to the discouraged

Many times throughout my years of mothering I have felt on empty with not enough strength to go on.  This has been especially true throughout the years of my struggle with adrenal fatigue and other physical infirmaties.  I so often have called my husband overwhelmed at the fact that I was not meeting my own […]

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17 March 2015 ~ 0 Comments

Adrenal Fatigue/Depression and Plexus pt. 1

  “Something is wrong. I just can’t do it anymore!”  How many times over the years have I said this to my husband while sitting in a crumpled heap of tears. Adrenal fatigue had gripped me strongly and I didn’t understand why.  To do the most mundane of tasks was becoming difficult and I was […]

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