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A Birth Story that is 17 Years Old


At this time 17 years ago my dear mother was driving our van 90 MPH down the highway while I laid in the back huffing and puffing and doing EVERYthing possible to not push. My dear husband was saying to me “Isn’t it a little early for that?” I really did not like that question.

I also wasn’t very kind to the midwife as we pulled up (or rather screeched up) and I told her threateningly she BETTER NOT tell me I was at a 4 or 5. She said sweetly, “Honey you are not at a 4.” They wheeled me in and I begged, NOW can I push!!!?? The midwife very laid-back said “You can push whenever you want” (really?  I had wanted to push for the last 30 minutes!) So I pushed and out came little William before you could shake a stick.  (Please never shake a stick at someone in labor, btw.)

There my chubby, sweet baby lay with HUGE wondering eyes, as calm as can be.

And I was in love.  How can that happen?  I thought my heart was full when I married Steven. Then I thought is was full when my firstborn came around.  Little did I know my heart would become 8 little people, 8 little pieces of my husband and myself, full.

When my dad came later bringing my toddler to meet the new baby. He said “Like falling off a log, huh?” Not quite Dad, not quite! 😌

You know, I have always wondered, how come the moms don’t get presents on their children’s birthday? They sure need to be remembered cause the memory of the labor never leaves their minds. I mean, just go up to any 90 year old woman at a nursing home and ask her about her labors with her children.  And honey, she may not remember what she had for lunch that day, but she sure as how remembers EVERY detail of her labors.  Because thats what moms do.  Moms give and moms love and moms labor.  And they would do it all over again and again.  Because every one of these little humans that God gives us are precious and priceless and worth every last drop of sweat and tears.

You might be in the thick of it with little ones, dear mama.  But, trust me, you will blink and you will be reminiscing of a day that was 17 years ago and yes, even kind of missing it.  A little bit. But, then again having the nearly grown children is pretty great too.


And by the way, I look JUST like that photo still nearly two decades later…ahem. 😜

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Many Mercies!


I have this itch to write…

It is late  early.  Everyone has long gone to bed and I am still awake.

What should I blog about? So many thoughts flowing through my mind.

Sunshiny days have brightened my heart as curtains flow from the breeze coming in.

I walk outside to pray to my Creator and Savior and hear wind rushing through the trees, birds chirping and it fills my heart with thankfulness for how the Lord brings the seasons afresh.

Laughter of children playing outside, barefoot again, running—free!

After supper outside games with daddy have begun again.  Foursquare is the tradition, but last night it was kickball.

Snuggling my teen girl and caressing her hair, realizing that those touches are very important even when the hints of girlhood are melting away into womanhood.

Delighting in my 3 year olds lisping sentences..simple things “It’s raining, Mom!”  So simple but I hold on to every word like a precious treasure that will soon be gone.  Already Mawhew has become Matt and even though he was late to talk, his toddlerhood is beginning to be a memory.

Strapping tall man/sons make my heart burst as I see these ones taking on the mantle of adulthood…my heart swells with love.

Having contests with my daughter on who can clean the fastest–competition brings enjoyment and fuels motivation, especially to this 10 year old.

Taekwondo sparring in the living room, Chinese jumprope the new excitement as well, and a stick with duct tape becomes an amazing pole for my 5 year old to swing with authority…he loves the shine of the duct tape–it’s like metal.

The evening rain sounds gorgeous through the open window as we enjoy the laughter of friends.

I love my family– My handsome, faithful hero and our 8 children.  Often in the stress and busyness of life..I forget how blessed I am and become weighed down with the cares of responsibility.

And then the clouds of winter start to part and the springtime sun shows through and I am reminded….

So many mercies.

My pastor’s wife loves to give out M&M’s reminding people to that the Lord for their Many Mercies.

So today in the hectic schedule and busyness….just stop.  For just a moment. STOP

Take a deep breath and thank the Lord for your many mercies.

And then go get some M&Ms. :)

Share with me some of your many mercies!

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Do you have stretch marks?

I am sharing a post that was one of my top posts of 2011 today, may you be blessed by it…

Pregnant belly pink heart

Stretch marks…oh the dreaded words!  We try to prevent them, hide them, dread them. As I get greater and greater with child, my other children are amazed at the running tracks across my belly. After 7 babies, well you can just imagine the road map I have. The other day we were pointing out which child produced which stretch marks on my mountainous bump (as though we really know, right?) My sweet dear husband looks upon them as badges of honor.
But, it made me stop and think. Dear sister, do you have stretch marks? I can guarantee you do…even without having a single baby.  You see, we all have areas where the Lord has been stretching us over the years.  Times when He has caused us to grow and stretch beyond what we thought we were capable of.  We felt the burn as we grew and it was not always pleasant.  And often we see the marks those trials left behind.  We might even try to cover them up, not wanting others to see the pain we felt through that trial. But, sisters we have no need to deny that they are there.  Those reminders of past stretching are a sign of being blessed. It is those whom the Lord loves that He chastens. If you have stretch marks that have been for His glory, then you can have cause to rejoice.  We glory in our tribulations–knowing the Master Gardener is at work. Oh, our bodies are not what they once were, once we bear unto the Lord, they are permanently changed.  But, it is sign of His work upon us, that these scars are left.  And so our souls are changed, made more like Him.  Sanctified. So sisters, examine your stretch marks today…and thank the Lord for giving them to you!

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Where are your eyes?

We now have three additional drivers in our house currently.  My oldest is experienced and independant, my second born nearly there and my third born just learning the road.

We live in South Carolina and for those of you who do not know what that means, let’s just say the roads are twisty, turny, curvy and THIN!  Yes, often these back road make you wish you could put your vehicle on a diet, especially a certain 15 passenger van.


One of the hardest things for me is the night driving on these small, dark roads.  With the cars coming towards you and the glare shining in your eyes.  We instruct our children, when you get to where you can’t see, just focus on your line on the right.  Why?

Because you turn toward what you look at!  

If you focus on the glare of the car in front of you, your car will automatically pull towards that light.

And I got to thinking, is this not a biblical principle?

We will turn towards what we focus on.  

When Peter walked on water as long as Jesus was in his sight he stayed this way…but the minute he looked at the water, he sank right into it!

So, this begs the question…where is my focus?  Where is your focus?

As moms we can get so caught up in our daily duties we forget to keep our minds on Christ and our thoughts trusting in Him.  We get discouraged, cast down, and fatigued.


Sometimes this means we have to talk back to ourselves as David did and say “Why are thou cast down oh my soul, hope thou in God!”

When the glare of the world’s discouragement shines into your eyes, where are you going to look?  Where am I going to look?!

~~Feeling weary and worn down physically or mentally? Make sure to read my health testimony and some of the things that are helping me on my journey of healing


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