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Are you thankful for your two mites?

I recently wrote to the husband of the overwhelmed mama.  The memory of my health crash is still so fresh in my memory and I never want to take for granted the renewed strength God has given me.  I am so thankful!  When I was in the throws of my illness I wrote this post and today I think it profitable to meditate on these things again.  So many ways to apply them no matter what stage of strength we are at!
Are You Thankful...

And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury.
And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites.
And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all:
for all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.

Mark 12: 41-44

What are your two mites?

The Lord has given me some health issues over the years.  My strength seems so limited and it discourages me.  I see the energy and vibrancy of so many other moms out there.  I seem to flag after one activity.  I have groaned, moaned and complained.  Oh, to be like “so and so”.  I could be such a better mother! Readers, can you relate at all?

But, a visit with my pastor’s wife gave me something to think about.

Am I content with the two mites the Lord has given me?

Yes, it is ok to pray for more strength and ability to fulfill our callings..and it is good to do so.
But, if He denies this, am I content and happy to give the Lord my two mites? Or, will I chafe and covet that others have been given more mites than I have been?
And how am I using those two mites. Do I keep them in my pocketbook, thinking the Lord surely can’t be pleased with such a small offering? Or do I gladly give them.  Grateful to have two mites to give to the Lord.  Surely, the Lord sees and is smiling on those limping moms who are daily offering up their two mites in faith.

So reader, are you thankful for your two mites?



Mother of Millions


This is a post I wrote many years ago… May it encourage you today.

I have been very blessed by the church family that the Lord has given me. Last night, a friend of mine gave me a “Mother of Millions” plant. As an encouragement to me after my miscarriage she had planted 6 little tiny plants in the pot to represent each of the children the Lord has given to me here on this earth. It meant so much to me for her to think of me in this way.

I noticed to my dismay this morning that in the transport home my pot had been quite disturbed and my little shoots had been uprooted from the dirt surrounding them. I quickly began to tenderly take each little shoot and replant them into the dirt, adding a little water to gently place them in their spots. I had to be very tender as I replanted them, being careful not to crush, tear or damage their little roots or leaves. I could not deal roughly or harshly in working with these tiny seedlings.

As I was in the process of doing this it came to my mind…

Am I as careful and eager to do this with my children?

It is food for thought.

Am I solicitous and careful over where my little children’s souls are at?  Am I attentive if they are going astray or needing to be “re-rooted” somewhere?

Am I careful as I am seeking to transplant them from wrong behaviors or thinking to not crush or break them? Do I hover over them with concern as I did these little plants?

It’s definitely a challenge for me and maybe it will be for you today as well. Press on in caring for your little ones remembering that our homes are gospel nurseries!


Could we be losing sight of our high calling?

Mother tenderly kissing forehead of her infant baby sleeping in a bassinet
If commitment to our role as a mother languishes, this may be true not because the job is too small or unchallenging, but because our vision is too small. Our dreams for our task may be thin and weak. We fail to hear God’s call and miss the broad scope of the possibilities before us. We focus instead on the routine activities and demands–changing diapers, potty training, cleaning up messes, telling the kids for the fifth time not to slam the door–and miss any sense of a higher calling.

Mothers, look up and look ahead! Ask yourself; in five, ten, twenty, even forty years what will I wish that I had done today? We want to avoid reaching the end of our lives with regret. Look ahead, plan what is important and live accordingly…
Several years ago, I heard a dedicated missionary share what she would do differently if she could start raising her family again. This woman was committed to Christ, and His cause, and she spent her life serving others–so the depth and quality of her life made me sit up and listen when she shared. She said she would stay home more, be kinder to her children, and feed them spiritually.
I too am jealous for the influence I have at this crucial period in my childrens life, to teach him what is good, to enrich his life with beauty, to train him in obedience and respect, to stimulate his eager intellect, to encourage his attempt to try new things, and to play with him, I want to enjoy these years that happen only once and are soon gone forever.”
A Mother’s Heart by Jean Fleming

I feel so constantly my need of renewal in my mothering. This quote is challenging, reproving and encouraging.  I have a long way to go, but I am seeking the Lord for His grace to “be there” more for my children, instead of being so caught up in the next thing to check off my mental list for the day. My children need mama, not just someone to clean, cook and care for them, but MAMA in the real sense of the word.  So, I  need to take those few moments to throw a frisbee, examine a bug, or build a train track.   What little thing can each of us do to show our children that we are there for them today?

What is Adrenal Fatigue? (In Layman’s Terms)

What is

Many of you have read about the day I stopped functioning and the years of my health struggles.  You remember the depression, the fatigue, and my inability to handle stress or make decisions that built over many years.  It was my midwife who was the first one to mention that I needed to check out my adrenals at some point.  That was the beginning of much research and learning about this little understood hidden illness.  I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be any type of professional.  I also am not going to give deep medical explanations about what adrenal fatigue is.  There are other sites for that.  I am going to give you in simple, layman terms some description of this misunderstood silent illness.

First, what do our adrenals do?  In short, our adrenals sit on top of our kidneys and are responsible for our “fight or fight response.”  When your body reacts to stress it is our adrenals that give the signal to our bodies to release cortisol to enable us to rise to the occasion of the stressful situation.  We have all heard of the superhuman moments people can have in an emergency.  A mother lifting a car to get her child out from under it.  A person ignoring searing pain to rescue someone.  This is all stemming from our adrenals.  Think of it like the gas petal on your car.  Our adrenals rev our engines and enable us to go.

The problem is that this adrenaline response is supposed to kick in and then relax again.  But, in our high stress society we don’t sit on the front porch anymore and kick our feet up and watch the sunset.  We move from busyness to busyness and before we know it we are entering a state of exhaustion.

If our adrenals begin to be in a constant state of stress then they can get stuck “on”. At that point you see things like insomnia kick in.  Panic attacks, anxiety, a feeling of not being able to relax. Our body begins to be a continual cortisol factory.  And guess what?  Cortisol steals progesterone.  Now as women we begin to experience hormone issues as all our hormones get out of kilter. Our monthlys may become abnormal.  We may develop a cortisol belly and cannot lose weight. Our adrenals control our blood sugar so we may begin to see pre-diabetic symptoms beginning.  All from these two tiny organs on top of our kidneys.

I have an especial burden for mamas like me who have had baby after baby for so many years.  We have been bearing babies and breastfeeding, giving to our children but not caring for ourselves.  Many of us homeschool and we are seeking to follow the Lord in the diligent raising of our families.  But, we are breaking down physically and finding it harder to function day by day.  As the fatigue increases, the inability to make decisions gets harder.  Now, small stressors begin to loom mountain like.  Non-stressful situations now become like blaring alarms in our system and we are on a continual loop of “emergency mode”.

Adrenal fatigue and all the ailments that go along with it can be very lonely.  We look fine to people around us.  And for a long time we can put a front on so that everything looks ok.  We smile outwardly but inwardly we are spiraling downhill.  The ability to get out of bed every morning gets harder and harder and making it through the day becomes a matter of survival.

At this point, we may begin to feel the guilt of the lack of joy we are feeling.  We may feel distant from God.  We chide ourselves, knowing we are so blessed how can we possibly feel depressed?  (Ask me how I know).  Our spiritual lives suffer.  We pray, cry out to God, we may even be memorizing scripture but our bodies are crying out for rest and help.

THIS is part of why I now have this strong burden to help other moms who have been struggling like I was.  Because the battle is real.  Satan would love to discourage us in our most important job of raising this next generation for Jesus.

But, I am here to tell you the health of our bodies distinctly can affect the health of our souls.

When Elijah was discouraged and asked the Lord to die.  Did the Lord chasten him for his lack of faith?  No, the Lord addressed his physical needs. God gave him sleep and food. Sleep and food.  Then after his body was refreshed the Lord encouraged his soul. So my sisters, in caring for our bodies we are following the example of the Lord Jesus.

There are different stages of adrenal fatigue ranging from mild to severe.  I was pretty severe before I began my journey of healing.  It is my hope that many will recognize the symptoms earlier on and begin to care for their bodies before they crash as low as I did.

Adrenal fatigue IS real.  While you did not hear of the term as often 50 years ago, Adrenal fatigue has always been and still is a very real condition.  In fact, our modern steroids that are commonly prescribed were origianally made from natural adrenal glandulars.  With the introduction of synthetic drugs the steroidal prescriptions like prednisone took it’s place. Many allopathic doctors do not recognize it unless you have reached complete adrenal failure (called Addisons’s disease). Your doctor might even tell you your physical weaknesses are simply because you have a large family. But more and more people are beginning to take seriously the reality and natural doctors have long seen the importance of paying attention to these little organs in our body.

If you can relate to what I have described, I would love to talk with you and share more about what my protocol is that has helped me so much. Email me or find me on Facebook. I also have an adrenal fatigue support group that can be an immense source of encouragement.

Take heart!  There is hope!