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“And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?” Nehemiah 6:3

Mama, have you ever thought of this verse in regards to motherhood?  A friend of mine introduced me to this thought many years ago.  There is much to ponder within it… Have you considered how great your work is, dear mother?  Have you considered how many adversaries there are to this work?  We are building the next generation.  The hearts and souls of our children are at stake.   We read in the scriptures how each group that were taking part in Nehemiah’s vision had their own part in the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem.  Likewise, each of us, in our quiet, tucked away homes have our very important piece of the wall within the church of Jesus Christ.

And there are many temptations for us to come down…

Join with me in this small ebook as we look at seven distractions to our all important eternal work as we raise the next generations.

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I used to know how to be a mother.

Yes, I was a perfect one…

until I became one.

This is my story. The story of mess, OCD, and yes, rich beauty and love.

Dear Mama…What do you do when your pretty little world of control falls apart through these lovely sweet chubby cheeks that we want to spend all day kissing?

How do we find grace in the unraveling?

How do we embrace the mess?

Maybe you can relate to that perfectionism that lurks inside many of us. Or maybe you are one of those that is the complete opposite of this inner tyrant,and housework is the last thing that you would rather be doing. I have a few practical helps for mothers of little ones in tackling the messiness of motherhood with joy.

Whether you are an Compulsive Neat Freak or a Patient Polly, have a houseful of boys or dainty little girls, I hope you will carry away some encouragement and be challenged to look upward.


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Here is what some others have to say…



“A love of all things clean and spotless is a gift, but what happens when that gift gets in the way of everyday life? After all, life tends to get messy at times.

Author, Jenny Ervin shares the delight she has in bringing order to her home while reminding us how serving our families is a gift that we bring to the Lord.

Embracing the Mess is an encouraging companion for women who desire to joyfully serve! ~ Darlene Schacht, NYT Best-Selling author and blogger over at Time-Warp Wife



“I love Jenny’s desire to keep an eternal perspective–to live for what really matters. She offers practical ideas for letting God take control, for surrendering all things to Him. Her transparency is encouraging and reading her e-book was a good reminder to savor each and every moment as a gift from the Lord.”

~Kara Chupp @ The Chuppies

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“Messes complicate life because they show up everywhere anytime. Jenny Ervin performs the taskwell of facing the messes and calling them what they are. She sees who she is in God’s high calling ofwife and motherhood and outlines for the rest of us practical methods of dealing with the messes.

A delightful read for the busy mom and useful information to pass on to our children who deal with the same compulsions.”

~Crystal Blanchard – Wife to Greg, mom to eight surviving children, grandmother to fourteen children and someone who notices the messes and considers the sources and deals accordingly. She’s learned, too,that messes are a sign of life within the family—and business, to some extent, and can be managed. They always give us pause during our hectic days and slow us down to regroup.


An easy read that is perfect for busy moms, Embracing the Mess will

encourage you to look upward in the practical day to day of everyday life.

It is my desire that the Lord be glorified though this book.

If you are not completely satisfied after reading Embracing the Mess, email me and I will cheerfully refund your money.


“Jenny’s little ebook, “Embracing the Mess” was a true delight! She shows you how to value the ministry of your home, as well as maintain sanity! Whether you are a neat-freak or just the opposite, this ebook will be a blessing to you! It truly gave me a renewed vision for family and home!”

Jennifer Ross, Mother to 11 and blogger at Renewing Housewives.

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I would like to share with you the fruition of a  project that I have been blessed to be a small part of!

From the hearts of over a dozen women…

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Join over a dozen Christian women as we learn how to simplify our lives from the inside out and build homemaking foundations focused on Christ.

When we are faithful to focus on what is truly essential in our homemaking, we can build an eternal legacy . . . one simple day at a time.

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Here is a sneak peak of the 13 full chapters…

Chapter 1: The Foundation: Surrendering our Homes to the Creator 

Chapter 2: Marriage: Nurturing a Love that Lasts a Lifetime

Chapter 3: Motherhood: Delighting in our Children 

Chapter 4: Missions: A Home-Based Vision for God’s Great Commission

Chapter 5: Family Economy: Embracing the Simple Power and Peace of Contentment

Chapter 6: Education: Growing Hearts and Minds for God’s Glory

Chapter 7: Health: Bringing God Glory by Caring for our Bodies 

Chapter 8: Cleaning: Tending the Gardens of Our Homes to the Glory of God

Chapter 9: Organizing: Reflecting our Orderly God by Keeping an Orderly Home 

Chapter 10: Time Management: Managing our Hearts to Use Time Wisely

Chapter 11: Hospitality: Welcoming Others into our Homes

Chapter 12: Giving: Showing the Love of Christ through Simple, Intentional Generosity

Chapter 13: A Mother’s Legacy: Storing Up Treasures in Heaven

Available in Kindle and Nook as well,Hurry over to get your copy now!