A Successful Home Business That Even a Mama of 8 Has Time For!


A Successful Home BusinessWhen we began our new family business 4 short months ago we knew it was going to be an exciting venture.  I shared with you back then 5 reasons why our family was excited! But, we had no idea how exciting! In 10 days, Lord willing we are hitting a BIG rank and we are more convinced than ever that this is going to be a blessing to so many Christian families across the world.  I love connecting with believers globally and how we are truly in the world changing business.

We live in an age where we can be mompreneurs and still be with our little ones at home.  With the internet we can have thriving home businesses like the Proverbs 31 woman right on our laptops.  But our time is limited so we need a business that will still let us focus on our homes. When I was being mentored the other day by the top #41 earner in the world, I was able to rock my sick baby and be there for him, cuddling him and loving on him.

To mentor other mamas, you know that I started a mompreneur page on Facebook.  Anyone in any business can glean from all that I am learning from these high level mentors.  I’d love to see you over there…

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Don’t Quit…Surrender!

Don't Quit


The other day I saw a picture that someone posted that said, “Don’t quit…surrender.”  That simple sentence speaks volumes.  How many times in my life as a Christian mama have I wanted to quit?

As I have mentioned many times here on this blog I used to know how to be a wife and mother, I was a perfect one

until I became one.

Yes, I could have written volumes, given seminars and given counsel to overwhelmed mothers on how they could schedule better, work with their children better, run their homes in that beautiful Titus 2 way.

And then I had a child.  And another. And another.  And another…until I have 8 beautiful arrows that sit at my feet, and 4 waiting for me in heaven. And my blessings overflowed and I was living the life I had dreamed of.  Except…

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The Heart of Simplicity- Free Ebook for Subscribers

From the Hearts of over a dozen women...

Today’s typical lifestyle is marked by busyness, consumerism, and stress. We, as women, often complain that there’s not enough time to “do it all.”

Do we suffer from a lack of time? No. We suffer from a lack of eternal perspective.

How we invest our time on earth will impact eternity in a million ways. Join over a dozen Christian women as we learn how to simplify our lives from the inside out and build homemaking foundations focused on Christ… Continue reading