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Motherhood- Jean Fleming

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If commitment to our role as a mother languishes, this may be true not because the job is too small or unchallenging, but because our vision is too small. Our dreams for our task may be thin and weak. We fail to hear God’s call and miss the broad scope of the possibilities before us. We focus instead on the routine activities and demands–changing diapers, potty training, cleaning up messes, telling the kids for the fifth time not to slam the door–and miss any sense of a higher calling.
Mothers, look up and look ahead! Ask yourself; in five, ten, twenty, even forty years what will I wish that I had done today? We want to avoid reaching the end of our lives with regret. Look ahead, plan what is important and live accordingly…
Several years ago, I heard a dedicated missionary share what she would do differently if she could start raising her family again. This woman was committed to Christ, and His cause, and she spent her life serving others–so the depth and quality of her life made me sit up and listen when she shared.She said she would stay home more, be kinder to her children, and feed them spiritually.
I too am jealous for the influence I have at this crucial period in my childrens life, to teach him what is good, to enrich his life with beauty, to train him in obedience and respect, to stimulate his eager intellect, to encourage his attempt to try new things, and to play with him, I want to enjoy these years that happen only once and are soon gone forever.”

A Mother’s Heart
by Jean Fleming

Do you feel  keenly your need of renewal in your mothering? Be challenged, encouraged and reproved through this book. I have a long way to go, but I am seeking the Lord for His grace to “be there” more for my children, instead of being so caught up in the next thing to check off my mental list for the day. My children need mama, not just someone to clean, cook and care for them, but MAMA in the real sense of the word.


Out of the Mouths of Babes…

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A few years ago in family worship, I gave each of the children an opportunity to pray.

Instead of prompting the little ones, the Lord gave them each their own prayers.

D’s prayer to the Lord…

“..And when we fall and trip, will you please put a bandaid on and heal us?”

Isn’t that sweet?

There is something so profound about that…

We daily need the Lord’s succouring and healing when we fall into sin and go to Him repentant.

There truly is a balm in gilead.

My nearly 3 year old’s prayer that day?

“Help us to do the laundry”.

Out of the mouths of babes…


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Carry on in your labors, dear mother!

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“When we abide with God in our particular callings, and do common actions after a godly sort—when we abound in works of piety and charity, are liberal in relieving the poor, and supporting the ministry, and encouraging the gospel—then our merchandise and our hire are holiness to the Lord, if we sincerely look at his glory in them. And our wealth need not be treasured and laid up on earth; for it is treasured and laid up in heaven, in bags that wax not old.”
Matthew Henry

Oh! To Have Such a Marriage!

“Sometimes we have seen a model marriage, founded in pure love and cemented in mutual esteem. Therein the husband acts as a tender head; and the wife, as a true spouse, delights in her husband, in his person, his character, his affection.

To her he is not only the chief and foremost of mankind, but in her eyes he is all in all, her heart’s love belongs to him and to him only. She finds sweetest contentment and solace in his company, his fellowship, his fondness. He is her little world, her paradise, her choice treasure. To please him she would gladly lay aside her own pleasure, to find it doubled in gratifying him. She is glad to sink her individuality in his.

She seeks no name for herself; his honor is reflected upon her, and she rejoices in it. She would defend his name with her dying breath, safe enough is he where she can speak for him.

The domestic circle is her kingdom. That she may there create happiness and comfort is her lifework, and his smiling gratitude is all the reward she seeks. Even in her dress she thinks of him, without constraint she consults his taste, and thinks nothing beautiful which is obnoxious to his eye.

A tear from his eye, because of any unkindness on her part, would grievously torment her. She asks not how her behavior may please a stranger, or how another’s judgment may be satisfied with her behavior; let her beloved be content and she is glad. He has many objects in life, some of which she does not quite understand, but she believes in them all, and anything that she can do to promote them she delights to perform.

He lavishes love on her and she on him. Their object in life is common. There are points where their affections so intimately unite that none could tell which is first and which is second.

To see their children growing up in health and strength, to see them holding posts of usefulness and honor, is their mutual concern; in this and other matters they are fully one. Their wishes blend, their hearts are indivisible. By degrees they come very much to think the same thoughts. Intimate association creates conformity; we have known this to become so complete that at the same moment the same utterance has leaped to both their lips.

At last the two are so welded, so engrafted on one stem, that their old age presents a lovely attachment, a common sympathy, by which its infirmities are greatly alleviated, and its burdens are transformed into fresh bonds of love. So happy a union of will, sentiment, thought, and heart exists between them, that the two streams of their life have washed away the dividing bank, and run on as one broad current of united existence, until their common joy falls into the main ocean of felicity.

Happy woman and happy man! If heaven be found on earth they have it! Such a sight may not be commonly seen, but it is inexpressibly beautiful.”

~Charles Spurgeon

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