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Mother of Millions


This is a post I wrote many years ago… May it encourage you today.

I have been very blessed by the church family that the Lord has given me. Last night, a friend of mine gave me a “Mother of Millions” plant. As an encouragement to me after my miscarriage she had planted 6 little tiny plants in the pot to represent each of the children the Lord has given to me here on this earth. It meant so much to me for her to think of me in this way.

I noticed to my dismay this morning that in the transport home my pot had been quite disturbed and my little shoots had been uprooted from the dirt surrounding them. I quickly began to tenderly take each little shoot and replant them into the dirt, adding a little water to gently place them in their spots. I had to be very tender as I replanted them, being careful not to crush, tear or damage their little roots or leaves. I could not deal roughly or harshly in working with these tiny seedlings.

As I was in the process of doing this it came to my mind…

Am I as careful and eager to do this with my children?

It is food for thought.

Am I solicitous and careful over where my little children’s souls are at?  Am I attentive if they are going astray or needing to be “re-rooted” somewhere?

Am I careful as I am seeking to transplant them from wrong behaviors or thinking to not crush or break them? Do I hover over them with concern as I did these little plants?

It’s definitely a challenge for me and maybe it will be for you today as well. Press on in caring for your little ones remembering that our homes are gospel nurseries!


Could we be losing sight of our high calling?

Mother tenderly kissing forehead of her infant baby sleeping in a bassinet
If commitment to our role as a mother languishes, this may be true not because the job is too small or unchallenging, but because our vision is too small. Our dreams for our task may be thin and weak. We fail to hear God’s call and miss the broad scope of the possibilities before us. We focus instead on the routine activities and demands–changing diapers, potty training, cleaning up messes, telling the kids for the fifth time not to slam the door–and miss any sense of a higher calling.

Mothers, look up and look ahead! Ask yourself; in five, ten, twenty, even forty years what will I wish that I had done today? We want to avoid reaching the end of our lives with regret. Look ahead, plan what is important and live accordingly…
Several years ago, I heard a dedicated missionary share what she would do differently if she could start raising her family again. This woman was committed to Christ, and His cause, and she spent her life serving others–so the depth and quality of her life made me sit up and listen when she shared. She said she would stay home more, be kinder to her children, and feed them spiritually.
I too am jealous for the influence I have at this crucial period in my childrens life, to teach him what is good, to enrich his life with beauty, to train him in obedience and respect, to stimulate his eager intellect, to encourage his attempt to try new things, and to play with him, I want to enjoy these years that happen only once and are soon gone forever.”
A Mother’s Heart by Jean Fleming

I feel so constantly my need of renewal in my mothering. This quote is challenging, reproving and encouraging.  I have a long way to go, but I am seeking the Lord for His grace to “be there” more for my children, instead of being so caught up in the next thing to check off my mental list for the day. My children need mama, not just someone to clean, cook and care for them, but MAMA in the real sense of the word.  So, I  need to take those few moments to throw a frisbee, examine a bug, or build a train track.   What little thing can each of us do to show our children that we are there for them today?

Olympic Hero, Missionary…or Mommy?

Sharing again some thoughts from awhile ago…

Here is a story of 3 women.


Woman number 1 is an olympic athlete.  She loves to skate and has trained for it from her earliest remembrances.  Hour after hour, day after day she has put her effort into this goal of excellence.  But, it has cost her.  She has had several injuries, 3 surgeries and will have scars that will always remind her of the cost.  But, she is a hero.  She gets back up each time.  For this woman is not a quitter.  After her surgeries, at the first moment she is able, she is back up on that ice.  “What a dedicated woman!”  Many will marvel in respect as they watch her trials and triumphs.

Woman number 2 is a missionary.  Her name?  Amy Carmichael.  She suffered from health issues that put her to bed for weeks on end.  But, this did not stop her from her pursuit of following God’s call for her life.  She served in India and a quote she gave was “”Missionary life is simply a chance to die.”  She was in this land for 55 years without furlough. Her ministry would serve at least 1,000 children.  Many were impacted by her sacrifice.

Before I introduce woman number 3, let me ask you…

How many people would tell the olympic hero to give up her dream because it was too hard? When she had injuries and sacrifices would she not have been encouraged to “get back out there?”

And how many people would have told Amy Carmichael that what she was doing was not conventional.  In fact, she was crazy and had her “hands too full”?

Mother tenderly kissing forehead of her infant baby sleeping in a bassinet

Enter Woman #3.  This woman is a modern day mother, who has given her life to the Lord Jesus Christ.  She sees children as a precious gift from God.  She gives of her life for these little ones. She sees each day as a calling to labor for their hearts and eternal souls. Sometimes late in the evening she is found scrubbing toilets.  She is up nursing sick ones in the night.  She is taking moments through the day to answer the hundredth “Mommy” that is echoing through the house. Stopping to kiss a scraped knee, or fix the dolly’s hair is all part of her important work. Each pregnancy as she bears a new life, she finds herself a little more strained physically and as she ages it gets harder and harder.  But, she presses on with her eyes upon the Lord.  Maybe she even says “Motherhood life is simply a chance to die.” And she is called to die daily, to her selfish ambitions, to her body being her own.

Now tell me, how many will say to this woman…”you have your hands full!”  “This is so hard for you, we think it’s wisest to stop having babies.”

Why is it that the olympic hero is respected and supported for “getting back up” after she has fallen?  Why is the missionary commended for her daily sacrifices. Why are mothers are mothers absented from these same encouraging sentiments and thought crazy for their choices?

What is more important than giving of yourself for precious, eternal little souls? Preparing the next generation to follow the Lord?

So today…if you are Woman #3 may I encourage you and thank you for your service.  As Kelly over at Generation Cedar quoted a few days ago..

“Our bodies are tools, not treasures.  You should not spend your days trying to preserve your body in its eighteen-year-old form. Let it be used.  By the time you die, you want to have a very dinged and dinted body.  Motherhood uses your body in the way that God designed it to be used.  Those are the right kind of damages…We are not to treat our bodies like museum pieces. They were not given to us to preserve, they were given to us to use.  So use it cheerfully, and maintain it cheerfully.  You want to fix your body up in order to be able to use it some more.We should not be trying to fix it up to put it back on the shelf out of harm’s way or to try to make ourselves look like nothing ever happened.  Your body is a tool.  Use it.”  -Rachel Jankovic, Loving the Little Years

Oh, and as an reminder…you ARE a missionary to the hearts and souls of your family!  You ARE an olympic athlete, you MUST pass the torch of the truth of Christ on to your children!

May you be blessed today, dear mothers as you follow your calling!

~~Feeling weary and worn down physically or mentally? Make sure to read my health testimony and some of the things that are helping me on my journey of healing

Ask the Question,”What If…?” Marriage Monday

Last February my dear husband took me to a sweetheart banquet with Steve and Annie Chapman singing live.

It was a real treat, since I have been a big fan of their music since a girl.

They sang a song called “What If?”  I would like to share the lyrics with you:

“What If”
(Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2004)

“Mary said there’s a lot of things I’ve missed about John In these fifteen years since he’s been gone Lord knows it’s a mighty long list If I had to choose just one He used to ask a question Sometimes I hear it when I’m all alone

He’d say… What if… we go out to dinner tonight What if… we take a walk in the full moonlight What if… we go take in a movie, just me and my best friend (2nd chorus…We take a ride on the Harley just you and me in the wind) (3rd chorus…We go look at antiques, just wanna be with my best friend) Oh how I wish I could what if With John, one more time again

She said it’s funny how a question Can hold so many answers More than I’d ever need I never had to wonder, I never had to ask Did he care about me? I feel sad for the women Who’ve never known a man Who understood like mine Love is like a diamond And if you’re gonna have it You gotta spend some time He’d say……..”

Isn’t that a beautiful song? Here is a sample from their website of the first verse and chorus..“What If?”

You know, the husbands aren’t the only ones that can say “What if…?”

As wives, how can we “What if…” our husbands?

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