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Family, Mothering / Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Babies, diapers, toddlers, learning to read… 
sweet baby toes

Teenagers, late night talks, life questions, and hormones
Teenager girl sit holding small laptop 

When they were all little, they all needed to be buckled in,  have their shoes tied and food cut up.

Now, they are wondering about opening bank accounts, how soon can I drive and why do I believe what I do?

Our family is in a season where we have both ends of the spectrum.  Soon to be newborn babe arriving in just a few short weeks.  We are pulling out baby clothes, the car seat and getting the crib ready.

Soon to be 14 year old son, this summer.  He is taking me out on a “date” in a few days, complete with cash from Dad and instructions in chivalry.

And we have all ages in between. Who is sufficient for these things, Lord?

But, He giveth more grace.

A friend of mine shared a wonderful memory she had of the late night talks with her daughter growing up.  She prized those nights of heart to heart discussions.  Her daughter’s bedtime showed on the digital clock as 11:11 PM.  They would look over at the clock and it was that girl’s favorite time of the day.  11:11.  To this day (her daughter now nearly 40) the mother sees the clock at 11:11 and remembers fondly those times, taking that moment often, to pray for her grown child.

Mother, we never know what memories we are making. The seeming little things, that will one day be big things in their and our lives.  So the challenge for you and for me  today is…what 11:11 can we give our child?

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