14 years ago…

Family, Mothering / Wednesday, July 6th, 2011
Who is that young girl and who is that precious baby?

On this day 14 years ago I had a baby boy.

My first child…

My own son…

came from me.

A piece of his Daddy’s and my love.

A gift from Heaven.

And as I held him in my arms…

I was still a girl myself.

This child taught me how little I really knew.

This child taught me more how to live for another.

This child stirred up the maternal feelings that had never yet been birthed, towards…my…very…own….son.

And through this child…

I learned, by experience, the meaning of the word…Mama.

He opened the beginning of a new life of sacrifice, a life of willing giving of vulnerability.

Where did 14 years go? He went from lisping his first word, to reading his first book, to riding his own bike, to having his first job.

And I am watching him daily spread his wings into manhood.

May you fly, my son…

May you soar upwards..

Lifted and carried by the Holy Spirit.

May you have Christ’s humility and grace poured out upon your very soul.

May he cause you to do exploits for His kingdom…

as a man of God.

Happy 14th birthday, our dear precious firstborn son!

Photo Credit: Yvonne Kolev

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