(30 Day of Bible) Mothering- Filling the Waterpots

Family / Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016


One of the hardest things I have ever done.

Oh, I knew how to be a mom…before I was one. I could have held seminars, classes and counciling sessions about how to be a godly mother. Before I was one. I would look down on the mom that had a screaming toddler in the grocery, or the messy faced, dirty child with the mismatched clothes and think to myself “That will never happen to me!”

And then I had a child, and another, and another, and another….and 8 of these precious tiny humans. Oh the joy! Oh the blessing! But guess what? I had once, ok more than once when my child was on the floor of a store and fit to be tied. My children sometimes dress themselves in mismatched clothes and yes, they have dirty faces (gasp!) And you know what?

I realized mothering was hard. You see, it is far more than keeping them fed, safe and warm. It is dealing with hearts. It is pouring into eternal souls. And yes, it is a spiritual battle. A fight for my children’s souls against a wicked, perverted world. Dealing with hearts requires wisdom, self- denial and a constant dependance upon Christ…

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