5 Minute Friday-Home

Homemaking, Homeschooling, Mothering / Friday, June 17th, 2011

It’s Five Minute Friday and that means I get to write for five minutes, just breathing my thoughts onto paper as fast as they come.  Without critiquing closely.  Just from my heart to the keyboard.  Join Gypsy Mama to read the heart of others as well.

Photo Credit: Caroline Broyles

Ready, Set…



You are born there, live there, are loved there.

It is the first sounds that you know as a babe.

Home is that place where you are loved, excepted and received just as you are.

Quiet, soft, warm.

Loud, boisterous laughter.

Rainy days and cool nights.

Watermelon, apple pie and birthday cakes.

Smiles and hugs.


It is where we come away, we come apart from the busy world of mayhem.

And rest.

It is where we share our hearts and lay down our burdens.

And are refreshed.

And at that last day the weary pilgrims who have traveled this path with bloody feet through time, will enter into their eternal rest.

Those that belong to Christ will be with Him…Home.

Their weary burdens of sin and care will be laid down.

They will look to the One who alone has saved them and He will say…

Welcome Home.



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