5 Ways a Mama Can Worship with Young Children

Family / Friday, February 10th, 2017

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Daily time with the Lord is an absolute must for a busy mama.  Just like we need to eat often, we need fresh supplies of grace from Christ on a regular basis.  But, the age old question is, when you are a mama with lots of little ones how do you get away from your children to be able to worship the Lord in quiet.  The answer is: You don’t.  😀

Today I would like to share with you 5 tips for how a busy mama of a large household can make that important time with the Lord when it is hard for her to find even a moment of quiet. My secret? Take them with you as you go to the Lord! Here are a few ways I have done this over the years.

1. First of all, remember that the Lord understands about distractions. We all know about the times we have been in the middle of prayer and someone opens the door for the umpteenth time and we yell “HUSH! I am praying!!!”


Let’s not pretend we have never done that. Here we are seeking Christ and then getting so angry and frustrated in our hearts. But, we have to remember the Lord understands the mamas that have broken prayers that are interrupted many times. He is not looking for perfection in our eloquence but for sincerity even in our sighs towards Him.

2. Have some quiet toys or books that the child/children can play with in the same room as you.  Coloring is sometimes a good thing as well. Having 5 boys– a bin of cars they can play with on the floor was always a hit. If there is more than one child you will want to separate them onto different couches or areas.  Explain to them this is Mama’s time with the Lord and they have to play with their mouths closed for a few minutes.  This might take some time in training but eventually they will get used to this quiet time.

3. Worship the Lord in the yard or on the front porch while they are playing outside.  They can run, play and be loud while you are reading and praying. Susanna Wesley used to throw her apron over her head when she needed a moment to pray. I am sure it was crazy all around her at times.

4. Take a walk with your children, let them run ahead or next to you, but take that time to be memorizing a scripture or praying.  Maybe even put ear plugs in and be listening to scripture while you are pushing the stroller.  I LOVE Bible Gateway for audio!

5. Read and pray out loud.  It is good for our children to hear their mama praying and pouring her heart out to the Lord. To hear the bible being read aloud.  They are listening they are observing, they are learning.  Lately, I have been reading on my front porch while my 4 year old putters and plays around the yard.  Today though, he wanted me to scoop him up on my lap and listen while I read.  Then I walk either around the yard or down our quiet road.  He follows with me and I pray while he walks next to me.  Sometimes we walk round and round while I am talking to God.  I know if the neighbors look out from their windows they might wonder about the crazy lady walking around waving around her arms in deep conversation.  LOL!

In short, include your little ones in your time with Jesus.  What a blessing for them to have a memory of playing at your feet or walking next to you while you were with the Lord.  Maybe this is a practical way we can be leading our little ones to God!