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Having a baby is one of the most wonderful moments in a persons life.  It can also be one of the most scary, vulnerable times in a woman’s life.  We are in a hostile society where birth is treated like a sickness instead of a natural, beautiful part of life.  Birth can be one of the most traumatic events, or one of the most supremely exhilarating times.  And much of that has to do with the care and support you do or do not have.

Why a doula?


When I had my first baby I had been preparing to be a midwife.  I had been at births and a part of the experience several times.  I was no stranger to the process of labor and delivery.  My husband was more supportive than most men, and I had amazing midwives to assist me in my desire for an unmedicated birth.  But, do you know what happened?  The minute my labor became intense while I wanted my husband’s continual touch and closeness, it was my mama’s face that I sought.  I needed another woman who had been through what I was going through to help me, encourage me and even anticipate my every need. You see, my mother was my doula even though I had not planned that all out.

A doula in the greek means “Servant Woman” and that is exactly what my role is.

A doula allows your husband to give you that tenderness you need and frees him up to be with you in whatever way you desire without heavy expectations that he himself might be unsure of.

A doula frees up your midwives (if you are at home or birth center) to attend to your physical needs as they prepare for the birth of your baby. A doula also can assist in seeing what needs the husband and the midwives might have, such as a snack or cup of tea.

A doula stays with you constantly when a nurse (if you are at the hospital) can only come and go.

A doula is available for questions before and after that you might not be sure if you want to bother your midwife with or you can’t ask your doctor.

A doula can be there from the moment you want her to stay with you, even in the early stages of labor before it’s time to call the primary caregiver.

A doula is a support to you during labor helping with your breathing through your contractions and offering ways to cope with the pain.

A doula can assist you after the birth in breastfeeding, caring for your other children, assisting you with needs in your house, yes even washing dishes 😀

In Summary:  A doula role is what in years gone by the older women of the community would have filled.  We are in an isolated society, many times far away from family and expected to be independent of each other.  A doula is an emotional, mental, oftentimes spiritual and physical support in whatever way that is needed during this beautiful season.

My Birthing Support is born out of many years of passion for this season in a woman’s life, many life experiences (including 8 children) and a desire to serve.


Please email me for more details of my birthing support packages and to schedule a free consultation.

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