A Mother’s Heritage is adding Contributors! Pt 2.

Family / Thursday, December 29th, 2011
Meet our next new monthly contributor…

My name is Kara and I’m 15-years-married to Jason, one of the funniest and most generous people I know. We have five kiddos, four here and one in Heaven. We also have a muppet-like-mess of a dog, 2 guinea pigs, tadpoles, non-breeding Madagascar Hissers (who have had over 100 babies), and a whole mess of stick bugs.

I used to teach high school English and Speech, but am currently part-time homeschooling our older children. They go to school M/W/F and homeschool T/TH. I write mostly about family, adoption, grief, education, traditions, literature,organization, Heaven, and most-importantly– my love for God. I cling to Him for strength, hope, grace and forgiveness in life, and especially in parenting. You can find our family adventures at The Chuppies and also in my contributions at The Better Mom.

Crystal Blanchard lives in east Texas with her husband, Greg, and three young adult children. She’s been a mom to many (ten to be exact) and has home educated most of them since 1980. She has turned her wellness consultation practice into a research and writing project to help answer questions about health. We are wonderfully knit together by a loving, compassionate Creator. He is the source for our well-being and we are foolish to trust in anyone other than the Lord first when seeking counsel and wisdom in matters of health. Crystal navigates the labyrinth of health issues to help others (especially her own family) along the way of life. And so she will be giving us monthly articles to encourage us in our high calling regarding health and nutrition.  You are in for a treat!
MamaMo is the wife of one wonderful man (for over 40 years), mother of 3 beautiful grown children and their spouses, grandmother of 12, craft show vendor and Scentsy Certified Consultant. She wears many hats, but her favorite and most special times are with her grandbabies! The oldest is 14, the youngest 9 mo old!  Mamamo used to love to write, but haven’t for quite some time now. She is hoping the Lord will open her heart once again to put the music of her heart onto paper.  As a Titus 2 Grandmother, MamaMo has many wise tidbits to share with us in MamaMo-ments.  (By the way, MamaMo also happens to be my own dear Mama!)

Saturday I will share the last 3 ladies that we will be very privileged to be adding to the contributors at AMH…stay tuned!

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