Are you a thankster or a crankster?

Family / Saturday, October 8th, 2011

This next chapter in this little gem of a book for mothers is called “Thanksters and Cranksters.”  It is a good reminder to me this morning.  I am sick with a cold as well as being very fatigued from the last few busy days,  The kind of mind numbing fatigue where you wish you had a computer that could just read and print out the words that you are thinking, because the effort it takes to speak seems herculean.  It’s the kind of lethargy that hits you in your very bones.

And I am reminded of the question…am I a thankster or a crankster?  Do I see the absolute beautific autumn weather that refreshes my very skin with the gentle breeze on my face?  Do I hear the sweet coos of my 6 month old that is so full of joyful life?  Do I hear my treasure of a man whistling next to me, or the cheerful chatter of my happy children?  I am blessed.

None of us desire whining, complaining children.  But, how many of us consider where their attitudes could be learned from. Am I exemplifying a grateful heart to them?  Or do they see mommy constantly with a glass half full attitude.

So, the next time you have a headache, feel overwhelmed, or were up in the night with the baby and can hardly see straight find five things you can dwell on that God has given you.  It will be good like medicine, I can guarantee it!

The next time your child has a grumble or complaint play the Pollyanna game and find something positive to counter it.  Let’s be thanksters instead of cranksters!  Thank you “Loving the Little Years” for giving us a new phrase in our home!

Would you like to jump in and join us?

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