Are you inside a box of your own making?

Heart Talk / Monday, September 12th, 2016

It’s funny how when we are young we think we know it all.  We have all of our plans and dreams and have our lives figured out.  That’s the time we need to be learning as sponges from the older, wiser ones.  Then when we become the older ones, all of a sudden we feel like we know nothing. Nothing at all.  And then we are called upon to mentor those younger ones who know everything.  Kind of ironic, huh?

Years ago a friend of mine and I were catching up after years.  We were sharing stories of how we met our husbands, our families, etc.  This friend and I had been committed to courtship and thought we knew exactly how the Lord was going to work things out for us. But, as we talked and shared she said something that has stuck with me for years now. She spoke of how the Lord took her out of her “box” and showed her he had a different plan.  He brought her a man in an entirely different way than the way she had envisioned it.

And that brings me to the heart of the matter.  Do you know that I have friends that met on e-harmony?  Gasp! No Christian should be on e-harmony! Or so I thought! (Remember I lived back in the day before email–my husband and I had to talk on the phone- more gasps! So meeting your husband via an internet service? THAT’S outside of my box or used to be) 🙂


Through my health issues over the years the box I had myself in had to change in many ways because of the afflictions of mommy being sick. But, guess what? Sometimes there is so much more sanctification outside of that box!

I find in Christian circles that we can become prone to boxes of our own making and it beings to bed the question.  Is this the Lord’s box or our own?

Lately, the Lord has taken us out of our comfort box and had us take a different path than homeschooling. After over 30 years in the homeschool world!  Years ago I would have felt there is no way we would go this direction.  But God has a way of showing you that it is not our plans but his.

What if God to show his glory, takes us down a different path?  What if God to show his glory disappoints our dreams, changes our directions, takes us down paths we never thought we would go.

Will we still go?

Will we still glorify him and in faith be willing to go outside of our comfortable box and follow him?

Jesus did not fit the Pharisee’s box.  He did not fit the Sadducee’s box.  He did not even fit the Jew’s box.  But, Jesus says “And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.”

So the question I am asking you today is, are there boxes you have put yourself in that maybe the Lord is calling you out of?

And here is the harder question: Can you love someone who has gone outside of your box?

Just food for thought….

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