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Spiritual Encouragement / Friday, January 13th, 2012
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I find it ironic that the word for today is Awake…

Look at the post that Richele

had for us yesterday here on this blog…

And then there is my own situation…I am weary, overstressed, overcommited.

What things are the most important in my life right now?  I have need to be awake.  But what do I need to be awake to?

This blog?  The latest news?  What is happening in the political media?  Keeping up with the next homeschool mother I meet?

I need to be awake in my soul to the still small voice of my Lord Jesus.

I need to be awake to my husband who needs me to be there for him in the little ways that are so important in a marriage.

I need to be awake to my children who need me to teach, train, love on, play and yes, listen to them.

And so to be awake to those things, I need to chose sometimes.  Choose to say no to one thing, that I might say yes to another.

I need to reserve my strength for the most important things.  To not sacrifice the best for the good.

And so my sisters, may we all be awake today to our Savior and the priorities HE has for us.  Not our own priorities, not our neighbors priorities…but our true priorities..the eternal ones.


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