Back to School: first day traditions

Family, Homeschooling, Mothering / Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Courtney at Women Living Well asked on her facebook if anyone had any back to school traditions. Having been homeschooled from 6th grade on and now having home educated my children for over a decade, every year has been a bit different. But, there have been two things over the years that we have done several times. The children have enjoyed it so much, and it has been fun for the parents (and grandparents) as well.

  • Homeschool “Schoolbus”!  Over the past several years, my mom has driven her decorated car (or truck, depending on what year it is) over from her house (on the same property) to ours.  I wave goodbye to my children with their backpacks, etc.  And the children take their long drive to “school” and come back smiling and giggling for their first day.  This has been a blast to do.  It’s silly, we know, but really just plain ole’ fun!

    • Sometimes I have had some small items to give the children, some new stickers or fancy pencils that I have waiting for them…something fresh for their first day.

    These pictures are all from years ago, and bring up all kinds of nostalgic memories.  This year we are already looking to prepare for CollegePrep! for our oldest.  The time really does fly!

    I just recently posted on how laid back we are concerning having a perfect homeschool room, so I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, that we are trying to parrot the actual school environment, because we are not. But, these traditions have been great fun for us, and maybe it has given you a few ideas to try as well!

    Do you have any back to school traditions to share?

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