Birthday Parties on a Budget

Homemaking, Mothering / Monday, March 26th, 2012

We have all been to them.  They are the birthday parties where everything has a theme.  There are lavish amounts of party favors.  Gourmet food special ordered. The pony rides have been rented and the play equipment is blown up in the backyard from the local carnival company.

Then your children come home and have stories and stories to tell of the best party they have ever been to!  Mama, can we have one JUST like it!

It is then you want to melt into a puddle of tears as you think of the dollar signs, sheer amount of hours of exhaustion and then multiply that times the amount of children that you have!

Today I would like to encourage you that you can give your children lovely birthday parties without lots of exhaustion, and with very little money!  Join me over at Hidden Treasures where I will share some tips and two examples of Birthday Parties on a Budget..



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