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Family / Monday, January 9th, 2012

When I started A Mother’s Heritage, I loved to write, I loved to blog and I loved to encourage others…

but I have been HTML challenged.

Moving to my self-hosted website was not an easy switch for me.

Give me a pen and paper and I am happy to write.  Give me a computer and I make my thoughts flow from my heart to the keyboard.  But, please don’t ask me to do HTML and all that code stuff that seems so unattainable to this technically challenged mama…

Until  I purchased this…


Let me tell you, my friend Jacinda has done a huge service to the blog world!  I purchased her ebook and am so excited about all the things she has taught me how to do. I have been needing to make advertising buttons for my advertising page and using her guide I was able to!

Jacinda from Growing Home has with very easy to understand step by step instructions will show you how to…

  • create drop shadows, circle buttons, and position elements for maximum impact.
  • You’ll know all about color codes, how to make your own grab box, and link your Facebook page to an icon you make for it.
  • You’ll learn how to create a properly sized header and how to center the elements on your sidebar.
  • Plus! Enjoy a bonus chapter on how to use these techniques to create a Facebook Welcome Page and profile, eBook covers, and gift certificates!


Are you a blogger who needs to be thrifty in designing your blog? Do you want to be able to have fun making original changes to your site without all the headache? Do you want instructions on how to professionally update your blog simply and without spending additional money free? Then head over today and get your copy of this valuable ebook!


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