Captured Memories of Vacation

Family / Thursday, July 12th, 2012
On the way MH enjoyed a nice treat!


W had researched and wanted to make his very own boat this trip and he did!


My baby--at least for a few more months till there is a new baby and he becomes the lap child.


Jet Ski!


One of my favorite things is inner-tubing...but not for this mama this year!


Water fun!


Does this need a caption?


The two older boys got their boaters license this trip, but not this little man yet.






Playing in the water!


Trying out 80's hairstyles in the water!

Mommy had her adventure through Daddy this year…we may have turned 50 and 40 but we are still young at heart! 🙂


We enjoyed our yearly trip to my in-laws on the lake…we came home a little tired, a little sunburned, with ALOT of happy memories!






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