Ultimate Scone Recipe (THM-S)

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Are you ready for the ultimate scone recipe?  I’m so excited to share this recipe because I’ve attempted scones so many times and while they taste good, they really lacked that biscuit-like texture that makes a scone a scone.  This one is different!     First of all, I absolutely love how versatile this recipe Read More

March 25, 2019

Peanut Butter Cookies (THM-S)

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These cookies are so easy, you’ll be making them all the time!  My kids can’t get enough of them and I love that they are getting nutritious, homemade cookies!  These are naturally gluten-free, contain no sugar, are low-carb, and work as a THM S dessert.   You can add some optional stevia-sweetened chocolate chips to Read More

February 13, 2019