Chick-fil-A Daddy/Daughter Date Night!

Uncategorized / Monday, April 9th, 2012

A big applause to Chick-Fil-A for their Daddy/Daughter Date night!

Not only has Chick-Fil-A continued to strive for a higher standard of excellence and cheerful service, but most importantly they have been consistently committed to being closed on the Lord’s Day. Chick-Fil-A has continued to be a Christian testimony to the world and their Daddy/Daughter Date night was just an extension of that tonight.  My family enjoyed this treat tremendously and I hope you will enjoy the memories with us!

My dad took my out on my first date when I was 13 and he still takes me out once and awhile.  We had so much fun! When we arrived there were fresh flowers, each of the daughters got a rose and the dad’s got a stuffed cow.  🙂  My Daddy bought me a beautiful corsage and when I thanked him for taking me, he responded “My Pleasure!”

Steven took our three daughters out and they were at the table behind us.  They were so excited to have such special princess treatment!  He took the opportunity to share with the girls about how a gentleman should treat them and they enjoyed using their fancy etiquette.

Live music, photographs of the daddy and daughters and being waited on by a personal waiter was all a part of our special night!

Thank you, Chick-Fil-A!

(No, I have not been paid to share this, I share it out a desire to encourage such pure, wholesome, family oriented events in our communities!)


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