Choosing Joy in the Mundane Tasks

Depression, Family / Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Today we have wisdom from Heather.  I am reminded in light of our Titus 2 Single women series how applicable these words could be for my single sisters as well.  May each of us be reminded in whatever situation God has placed us in today…to choose joy.


Your definition of “mundane” and my definition are likely to have two different meanings.

For the mom of twins, changing diapers is no tea party.
For the mom who feels she’s nothing more than a taxi driver, taking Suzy to ballet, Johnny to baseball tryouts, Mark to karate class, and Mary to a piano recital is no leisurely stroll.
For the wife whose husband has to work overtime and often comes in late in the evenings exhausted and not wanting much company, preparing a grand feast to spread on the family dinner table is most likely not at the top of her ‘things I’d like to do’ list.Let’s face it, if Daddy can’t eat dinner with us we’ll just settle for hot dogs!
For the growing family that seems to be “busting at the seams” in their non-growing home, be thankful and choose contentment for the blessings God has bestowed upon you and your family.
For the homeschool mom whose child is struggling to read, tackling each new day of learning is likely not what she looks forward to each morning.
However, I challenge you to choose joy!
Choose to be happy, content, and joyful in your circumstances.
Know that this is a season of life, and just as the seasons of time change every four months or so, this too will soon pass and be nothing more than a memory.
Make the most of these memories, for yourself and for your family.
Those babies won’t always be in diapers and those children won’t always need you to chauffer them around; but while they do take advantage of it.Use this time to get to know your children better, to talk to them, and to enjoy their company.
Be thankful you have a husband who is willing and able to work to provide for the needs of his family.
When that struggling child finally gets it you can not only celebrate his/her accomplishment, but also your own for taking the time to teach him/her yourself and not expecting a school system to do so.
If you’re never blessed with a bigger house that’s okay.One day the children will move out on their own and you won’t need so much space after all!

Regardless of your situation seek joy and contentment.You set the mood for the rest of the family.

What kind of atmosphere have you been creating?
Heather is a child of the King and in need of His abundant grace everyday. She’s never found Him to give up on her, although she admits He should have a long time ago! Heather has been married to her best friend for 4 1/2 years. They have been blessed with 2 children so far that light up their lives daily.

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