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Homeschooling / Friday, March 2nd, 2012

I thought it was time to give you an update on our journey through CollegePlus. Joseph has been doing college plus for a few weeks now and it is going well.  I have been so pleased and delighted to see the progress he has made in just a few short weeks.  Here is a summary of where he is at and some of my thoughts…

  • Joseph completed his life purpose planning booklet.  We worked together side by side through much of this, and there was alot of profit in it.  Although some of the thoughts and goals in the book are a bit too advanced for J to have a clear idea of his direction yet, it was a wonderful springboard for discussion, prayer and practical ideas for the days ahead.

I appreciate how CP seeks to make a priority on the student’s relationship with the Lord calling them up to a higher standard then the world’s view of young people is. Instead of just having a focus on the secular skills and climbing the corporate ladder, the focus is also towards where the Lord would have us minister and serve with the gifts He has given us. We were able to learn so much more about why Joseph does what he does, and the things he really like and dislikes, is gifted in and has a passion for.  These will all be so helpful as we pray about and seek direction in the future for what his major will be.

  • Joseph was very challenged and enjoyed the Howard Berg Maximum Speed Reading Course. My son has always loved to read and so to learn these techniques in speed reading was a great thing for him.  He also loved the accent of Howard Berg!  This is a great tool for him to have!

  • The next thing that Joseph worked through as the foundation for CollegePlus was the Dynamic Memory and Study Skills Course by Brad Voeller.  What a great tool this was for him as well!  Even though J has always had a good memory, this has given him great tips on how to make his memorizing much more effective!

So now with these three foundation tools finished J is on his way to taking his first CLEP exam. He is currently studying for the test Analyzing and Interpreting Literature.

With the help of his CP coach we have laid out a plan to help him complete his high school credits that he needs along with his college credits.  The goal is to focus first on the CLEPs that work towards his H.S diploma as well as giving him college credits (if he passes this first one he will have 6 college credits under his belt!)

Joseph has also been enjoying all the many helps in the student forum area of the CollegePlus website.  The study helps on the learning network are WONDERFUL and are proving to be a great help.  Also, he is meeting new friends that are also enrolled in CP as well.


Are you interested in looking into CollegePlus for your son or daughter?  If you enroll between now and March 23rd, 2012 you will receive:

1) Access to their 2011 Enrollment pricing (Savings of $198)

2) Free ‘College in a Bag’ curriculum package (Value of $250)

Total Package Value: $448

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! And don’t forget if you check out CollegePlus tell them I sent you!


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