Do I scrub my floors with honor?

Family, Homemaking, Spiritual Encouragement / Saturday, September 10th, 2011

It has been an extremely busy week for me, with being out of town last weekend, school preparations this week, as well as company, etc. So I have not read any more in Loving the Little Years. But, I plan on being back with a post on the next chapter next Saturday. In the meantime, I hope this quote will bless you today!
An Interior with a Maid Cleaning Pots
An Interior with a Maid Cleaning Pots
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It may not seem to be womanly to scrub floors, wash dishes, scour paint, and do many other things which good housekeeping enjoins, but all these things may be done in a manner that proves them to be honorable and elevating. When floors are scrubbed and dishes washed with the same fidelity that prayers are said, the work is womanly in the highest degree. ~ William M. Thayer


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