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Family / Saturday, July 16th, 2011
I am so excited!  Jennifer, over at Morning Motivation Daily is hosting a webinar for moms just like me and you who need encouragement.  She is doing a daily interactive shot in the arm, for mommies who just need a blessing to start off their day with.
The webinars are only 15 minutes long, but power packed with inspiration.  And they are beginning this Monday!
I am thrilled to get to be a part of her vision, by being a guest panelist for her on Wednesday, July 20th.  I will be speaking on…

“How to keep going joyfully, when everything you do quickly becomes unraveled again.”

Now, for a recovering OCD perfectionist, that is not easy!  But, I am looking forward to sharing some of the things that have encouraged me.
I am going to post Jennifer’s own words here…

“Christian wives everywhere have a burning desire to live for our Lord.  Many though, are overwhelmed and discouraged.  Knowing that this is not what the Lord has for His children, they search for encouragement in their highest calling, that of being a wife and mother.

The word of God has much to say about believers encouraging and building one another up.  “Iron sharpens iron.”  Join me for FREE, weekdays, July 18th through July 22, each morning at 8:00am central time for “Morning Motivation!  Daily Encouragement for Christian Wives”

Each morning participants will have the opportunity to submit live questions and comments, and get live answers about anything and everything relevant to homemakers.  There will be surprise guest hostesses throughout!

…Some topics will include:

  • the need for appreciation
  • the need for fulfillment
  • organization
  • doing what seems mundane over and over again
  • patience
  • overcoming laziness
  • finding time to clean with small children
  • time management
  • motivation
  • household tasks
  • getting everything done each day
  • what to do when you’re overwhelmed
  • and so much more!

3 weeks of daily encouragement! The 3 weeks will begin Monday July 11th.

I am so excited to meet you all! Invite your friends!


Sessions will take place weekday mornings, July 18, 2011 through July 22nd from 8:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. (Central Time).  And July 25th through August, 5, 2011, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. (Central Time).  Those registered will be able to chat in questions live, with full access to MP3 recordings if you can’t tune in for the live version. The cost is FREE for the first week, and $11 per household for the remaining 2 weeks. Interaction will be through GoToWebinar® which works in-browser on almost any PC or Mac. A faster-than-dial-up Internet connection is best, but it is possible to connect to audio by long-distance telephone, provided simultaneous Internet access is also available. Complete information on how to access the sessions will be sent to participants by email. Please email me at jennifer (at) renewinghousewives  (dot) com with any questions.  (remove spaces)

Head on over to REGISTER and I will see you there!


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