Does your wife work?

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May this post that I wrote awhile back bring encouragement to your day, dear mamas!

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My husband sometimes gets the question, “Does your wife work?” His answer is, “Yes!” We are in a society that thinks a homemaker is second class..She is just a housewife”. The stereotype is a woman eating her bon-bons,watching soap operas all day long. She gets to stay home while the men really do the work of society. But, the scripture certainly holds up a higher standard and what could be more important than raising the next generation, keeping the domestic circle flowing within the society, keeping the home fires burning? Sadly, the home fires have gone out and where is the touch-point of society? Mom is not there anymore.

I was thinking of this today as I was being pulled in all directions. I heard “Mommy, I need help!” from several places all at once. Here are a few things that represent my day…
Breakfast for everyone-
Clean-up the kitchen-
Lead in family worship (teach my children about submission to God and others)-
Oversee chores getting done-
Help my littles color a page for their alphabet book-
Go behind and swiffer the floor a little more after my child has finished-
Print out school pages for the ones that need it-
Help my daughter with her math-
Make a pot of chili for dinner-
Encourage my son that he CAN do his math-
Help my daughter with her math again-
Help my little girl zipper up her coat to go outside-
Help my son put on his coat to go outside-
Pick up after my 3 year old who dumped out the contents of a bin-
Print out a few coupons to be used in shopping-
Show my son how to hold a deck of cards to shuffle-
Keep track in our record book of the school getting done-
Tell my daughters to get started on their Latin review-
Work some more on the chili-
Make a couple of phone calls about details for tonight-
Clean my son up in the tub after he stepped in doggy mess-
Lay two little ones down for nap…
And this is a laid-back lighter day as we ease back into school.

Sure, someone else could teach my child math. I could send my littles to have someone else care for them. But, I want my son to remember that Mommy was the one who first showed him how to shuffle a deck of cards. I want them to look to me for a smile of approval, not their daycare worker. I want to kiss them as I lay them down for naps. Now, maybe someone else could clean up from stepping in the doggy mess. Seriously, I am blessed even when the “Mommy” calls are coming fast and furious.
Am I am working woman?  You better believe I am! Doing the best job that it in the world.  Raising the next generation is a great responsibility. Working with little hearts in preparation for eternity is a daunting task.  May the Lord give us grace to delight and lean on Him for this high calling!

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