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We all have felt the pressure.  We want to be home with our children, want to follow the biblical model of the Proverbs 31 woman.  As parents we want to pour ourselves into our children’s lives and be there…be present.  More and more children are missing the basics of home-life today.  They are coming home from school to empty houses. The concept of mom at home is nearly foreign.  And let’s face it, we now live in a two income society.  It is becoming more and more difficult to raise a family on one income, especially a large family.  Many of us homeschool, taxes do not pay for our curriculum.  If we desire to eat healthy that becomes even more expensive.  In short, life is expensive.  We desire to give to the church but feel that we can barely eek out a tithe each week.  Does this sound like you?

Many women feel the desire to help out financially from home, but frankly they are overwhelmed, exhausted, physically depleted and have not an ounce of time.  Daddy wants to be home to help more and be in the children’s lives but food needs to be on the table.

This is our burden.  This is our joy…to help you get home.  Our family has begun a business that is unlike any other.  And we want to help you as well.  We want to start a movement of bringing families back home.  Where Daddy can be home with the family.  Where mama can help with an income that is doable, simple and duplicatable.  Where older children can join in. Where we can become debt free and give to those in need.  Where we can give generously to the church and the spread of the gospel.

If any of this hits home for you we would love to talk to you!  Let us mentor and help to welcome you back home.

So excited to announce jennyervin.com!

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