Ebook Announcement- Embracing the Mess!

Family, Homemaking, Mothering, Spiritual Encouragement / Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

A sign of satisfaction escapes her as she achingly rises to her feet.  She looks with contentment upon the shiny floor that sparkles from her efforts. Pausing to appreciate the beauty that is restored in the home through her hardwork, she smiles inwardly. Then wearily she turns away to throw out her unsightly bucket of water.

But as she lifts the sloshing liquid she hears them coming.  Two giggling young ones are hastening up the stairs. Before her thoughts can collect enough to give a warning, in rush four muddy little feet fresh from the rain puddles.  Both sets of grimy hands holds a fistful of treasures plucked in love to present to their mommy.

In they run, with cheeks all flushed with pleasure, leaving behind a trail of mud and mess.  All these precious children can think of is the delight that their mother’s eyes will light up with when they reveal to her their gift.

How do you respond?

How do I respond?


I used to know how to be a mother. Yes, I was a perfect one.

My children always had clean faces, every hair in place, and they would never be ornery.

My house was like those you see in the magazines, with the perfect throw over the couch, warm cookies on the counter, and fresh flowers that had been picked from the gorgeous garden our family kept.  Ah, yes, being a mommy was beautiful…

And then I actually became one.  And as they say, the rest is history.

Messy Diapers, spit-up cloths,  the pile of clothes to be stain treated.  Toys strewn around the floor, muddy fingerprints in the bathroom sink.  Dirty dishes from yesterday, peanut butter in the hair, playdo ground into the carpet.  You know what?

Ah yes, being a mommy IS beautiful. This mess is beautiful!
But for some of us it’s harder to embrace this than others.

Dear Mama…What do you do when your pretty little world of control falls apart through these lovely sweet chubby cheeks that we want to spend all day kissing?
How do we find grace in the unraveling? How do we embrace the mess?


“I love Jenny’s desire to keep an eternal perspective–to live for what really matters. She offers practical ideas for letting God take control, for surrendering all things to Him.  Her transparency is encouraging and reading her e-book was a good reminder to savor each and every moment as a gift from the Lord.”
~Kara Chupp @ The Chuppies

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