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Mothering / Friday, October 7th, 2011

The Coffee is Poured - the Artist's Wife with Their 2 Daughters
The Coffee is Poured – the Artist’s Wife with Their 2 Daughters
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Five Minute Friday is here again…when I don’t have to spend long stretches of time thinking about the perfect words…I can just let them flow, and as you know, I love that kind or writing.  The prompt is ORDINARY.

So here goes:


I have in my bio that I am an ordinary mom with an extraordinary God. Ordinary…

Do you ever just feel ordinary?  Amidst the next load of wash, the unscraped dishes in the sink and the dog mess that was tracked in by your youngest… do you  ever just get tired of the ordinary?

Do you wonder if you days have any meaning to them?  How can making the bed for the hundredth time have value?  The next meal..the next school subject.  The seasons weave in and out with the sameness.

And then there are those like Steve Jobs, that literally changed the world.  He certainly did not seem ordinary.

But you know what? I am changing the world!  I am raising the next generation for King Jesus!

Suddenly cleaning the bathroom and wiping the runny noses doesn’t seem so ordinary anymore.  How can anything I do in the service of Christ be just ordinary?  I may be an ordinary person, but I have an extraordinary God and that, my friends is what really matters!


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