Farewell–at least for now.

Family / Saturday, July 28th, 2012
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I am having to make a hard decision.  It has only been made after much thought, prayer and counsel.
That decision is to for a time at least, I need to step away from updating this blog A Mother’s Heritage.
One of the commitments I made in beginning this little corner of the web, was that my family must always come first.  I must not blog about being a mother, while neglecting my sweet children.
I love this blog, I love to write, and I love to hear from each of you, my readers.  But, I must never trade the cyber interactions for the moments of gazing into my children’s eyes.
With a new school year beginning, educating kindergarten through college at home.  With having  baby number 8 on the way this winter and my own health issues that I face daily. My family must come first and I am just being spread too thin.
As I mention in my ebook Kingdom Distractions for Titus 2 Mothers, the book of Nehemiah has much for us to glean regarding the easy distractions that can come our way.  And we are doing a great work, so that we cannot come down from the wall. My top priority is in the service of the Lord in guiding my home and serving my family and I must maintain all of my reserves for them right now.
Will I come back?  I really don’t know what the future holds.  I still have unwritten blog posts swirling in my head.  I love to share with you.  Who knows what the future might bring as my babes get older and life changes.
I have met so many wonderful sisters and established such encouraging friendships within the blogging community and so I do plan on staying in touch through facebook and you may even see me guest posting out in cyberspace on some of my favorite blogs a time or two.  Time will tell.
And of course my two ebooks are still available… Embracing the Mess And Kingdom Distractions for Titus 2 Mothers.
And I do hope that you will spend lots of time here on A Mother’s Heritage still, reading the many, many posts that have come from my heart.  It is my prayer that A Mother’s Heritage would continue to be a shining light of grace, truth and encouragement during these days!  If you have been encouraged, challenged and blessed, I would love to have your share this blog with others.
 Soli Deo Gloria!

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