Five Minute Friday- Joy!

Spiritual Encouragement / Friday, September 16th, 2011

How was your week?  This being our first week of homeschooling my 7 children, it went well.  Our Kingdom Blocks have been really fun!  And we have one week of Kingdom building behind us.

And it’s FMF! I love this so much!  There is something so nice about just writing and writing as fast as your fingers can type…letting your stream of consciousness flow.  Make sure you head over to Gypsy Mamawhere she shares how FMF even got started.  Today prompt is so good…but hard to put into practice sometimes.  Here we go…



Is joy the feeling that you get when you open the beautifully wrapped present for your 10th birthday?

Is joy the feeling that washes over you when you are on vacation with the breeze blowing in your face and the sunshine beaming down upon you?

Is joy the feeling that comes when all is right with your world and there are no clouds on the sky?

I would submit to you….No,

These things can have joy in them, of course.  But, these feelings I would describe as “Happiness”

True joy shines brightest in the night…

on the cloudy day when your world seems to be falling apart…

it is in the satisfaction of knowing that God doeth all things well, even when we don’t understand…

resting contented in that…

even when it is painful…

It is the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit–that indescribable inward joy that the world cannot understand.

A stranger doth not inter meddle with this joy.

Have I ever tasted of this kind of joy.

The richness…deepness…sweetness of this joy that things and the world and the temporary things cannot give.




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