Fleas and Collops of fat

Family / Thursday, February 25th, 2016

I ran across this draft that I don’t think I ever published– it obviously, was over 5 years ago because I had 6 rather than 8 children.  I gave me a smile and I think it will you!  Just remember as crazy and hard as your days are—they grow up so fast!  (For the record, D is almost 12 and H is 10 now!)


“I think I might have broken a world or should I say county record at least.

Stefanie, Esther and I loaded up 11 children into our van and went in and checked out …72 items at the library. Yes, that’s right…I think I have lost my mind. 72, as in Seventy Two! We wanted lots of books and we got them, that’s for sure. Can you say, eager readers?

When we walked in there was a children’s program we had not planned on. But, we sat in on the humane society who was teaching about animal care.

I must confess, I am severely neglectful. Are you ready? I have never brushed my dog’s teeth! Seriously, do people do this? I guess if you have a little inside poodle that you are kissing all the time… but pleeeeaaase! After the program they got these nice little blow up thingies…as in blow-up fleas and ticks.. EWW!
D proceeds to tell a lady at the library that we have fleas all over our house. Ok, just for the record, I think he was talking about flies.

Then on the way home with all these little people (I really am beginning to feel like I run a school–but I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.) I hear the children making up nicknames. H calls out…”My name is collops of fat!”

Do any of you know of any book contracters out that would like to publish a book I write?

I might call it ‘Cheaper by the half dozen’.”

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