Go to the Ant–Generational Wisdom!

Family / Monday, April 9th, 2018

When I was 16 I was a helper for a very dear family that had little children.  There were so many things I learned as I was assisting this young mom and her growing home. I learned that you can stretch juice a long way by diluting it down.  😀  I learned that it takes great patience to teach a child to sit still in worship.  I learned that the amount of messes a little child can make is unbelievable but the amount of joy they bring makes the messes all worth it.  It’s amazing though as a mama of eight children of my own how many things made an impact on my life through assisting this sweet family so many years ago.

One of the things I remember distinctly are the songs that the children used to love.  At home, in the car, wherever we were “Isabel was a Pig” was being sung, or “Go to the Ant” was being hummed.

So years later when I was able to play those same songs for my little ones it was especially nostalgic. My second born loved the one specifically that was about the father and his son and would sing it to his daddy.  That same son is now 19 years old.

I hope one day to hear my own grandchildren singing these same songs that instill such wonderful biblical truth into their young hearts.

Judy Rogers has some other albums that are equally as fantastic and now there are coloring books that go along with these as well!

Would you like to purchase some of Judy Rogers Albums, coloring books and more for yourself? Click below…

CD5195: Go To The Ant, Compact Disc [CD] Go To The Ant, Compact Disc [CD]
By Judy Rogers / P & R Publishing Go to the Ant is a collection of Proverbs in song for the family. God’s wisdom can now be musically rooted in hearts and minds through the scripture-based melodies. Songs include: Got to the Ant, I Will Sing, The Tongue, The School of the Fool, Listen My Son, Out of the Mouths of Children, Seven Awful Things, Isabel is a Pig, Talk to Me, and Trust in the Lord. Recommended for ages 2 to 8.

And while you are over there, check out this reminder of the past!  How my girls would have loved these when they were smaller!

The Big Woods Paper Doll Collection

Have a beautiful week!

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