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Family / Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


For those of you new here at A Mother’s Heritage I will give you a brief introduction and in addition visit the post I wrote where I shared 25 things about me.

This is my dear family…

I am Jenny and I am the very blessed wife of Steve who is my best friend in the world! We had a beautiful courtship and have been married 16 blissful years.

The Lord has blessed me with 11 pregnancies, 4 of our babies going to be with Jesus before their first breath, and 7 lively, loving, lambs to care for here.  They are ages 14 down to 6 months.

I am a second generation homeschooler. My parents were the true pioneers in the days where you could go to jail for having the conviction of home education. They are my heroes.

Our family lives on little homestead of almost 4 acres where we have chickens for eggs, raise rabbits for food and a dog for being obnoxious (and sweet all in the same day).

How did I start blogging? Several years ago I started a private blog for my family and friends who were far away. I love to write and it was a wonderful way to have our loved ones that were distant feel a part of our daily lives through detailed chronicles of our life. A year ago in January after much prayer and consideration, I decided to begin A Mother’s Heritage and take my writing to a more public level.

In a nutshell, the mission of A Mother’s Heritage is to encourage other women who desire to follow the Lord in their high calling. There is so little support in this day and age for those that long to emulate the model the Bible holds up for Titus 2 women. Our mission field is our children and in our homes we are olympic heroes.  I speak much to mothers, but my single sisters and woman without children are in no way excluded, for being godly women is what each of us desire in whatever place and sphere God calls us to.  There are many temptations for us to lose perspective of our Kingdom work and so I seek to offer frequent reminders  for myself as well as others.

From encouraging quotes or giving you permission to laugh at me… Whether it is practically how to take a large family to McDonalds or 10 Tips for Back to School Planning… if it is simply encouragement for your marriage, mothering or the messiness of life…from courtship to health issues and many other things, I invite you to settle in and join me in this journey called life.

I have recently published my first ebook. Embracing the Mess has been written out of the many mistakes I have made as a recovering perfectionist. I don’t think any of us are exempt from the self sacrifice that is called daily from us. The Lord is continually taking us out of our comfort zone and calling us to draw from His grace.

Here at A Mother’s Heritage you will find the Lord Jesus Christ to be at the forefront. For no outward faithfulness, no character training, no external works can in any way bring us any closer to God. It is the Lord Jesus who is my only hope and my sure foundation.

So come laugh with me, cry with me, learn from my mistakes and find encouragement here at A Mother’s Heritage!

Leave me a comment and say hello!  It’s so nice to meet you!

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