Growing Pains

Spiritual Encouragement / Friday, November 18th, 2011


When I was a little girl I would get out of bed and go over to my mom and dad with this little ache or that.  I was sure that I had some incurable disease and the response from my wise parents was that it was “growing pains.”  And indeed, as a girl I longed to grow up.  I couldn’t wait to be an adult…

And now there are times I long for those carefree days once again…

And I still experience growing pains. Only this time the growing pains are different.  They are a deeper growth and so the pain sometimes is even greater…

It hurts to grow.  And frankly, sometimes I don’t like it.

But, it is so necessary.  As I abide in the Vine of Christ Jesus and He prunes me…I grow.

I am thankful for the patience of my Master Gardener who does that which is perfect to make me grow.

Because if I was not having growing pains, then I would be stagnant, stunted and unfruitful.

So Lord Jesus, thank you for the growing pains.


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