Happy Birthday…one year! (with video)

Family, Mothering / Friday, April 6th, 2012

Today is a very special day.  Today my baby turns one!  And it is amazing to me how time has flown!

I was just blogging to you about how we made our countdown chart, and the baby care class that I always do with the children .

I shared with you how I mentally and spiritually prepare for labor and delivery, giving you my scriptures for labor.

You were with me through the prodromal labor as I waited for the Lord’s perfect timing.

And then I shared Matthew Henry’s birth story. And you got to see first hand through video our beautiful traditions we have made as a family.  What a beautiful time that was.  There is nothing quite like it!

And how quickly this child has grown.  Even after seven children you never get tired of the many firsts.  His laughter is contagious, his smile will melt, and everyone in our home is so in love with him.  Having a large family only multiplies the joys.  This time especially we are seeing this.  Our children delight in Matthew in a deeper more wonderful way now that they are older.  What a blessing this year has been.

In celebration of God’s goodness to us in giving us this child for a year, I am reposting the video of those precious first few family moments for you to be blessed with as well.

Happy Birthday dear son. Oh how we love you!




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