He Reigns in the Rain

Family, Mothering, Spiritual Encouragement / Thursday, December 8th, 2011
I am so wonderfully blessed to be able to have a guest post by a new friend of mine, Bambi from In the Nursery of the Nation
I cautiously opened the french doors to the patio, anxious to feel the weather conditions of the day.  Ahhh.  Although an overcast sky, it was warm and breezy.  A change from the plummeting autumn temperatures we’d been experiencing all week.  A welcome sensation to a warm-blooded Texas girl.

I feel the little arms of a three-year-old encircle my leg and lean in close for morning snuggles.  I run my hand through the downy blonde hair as we stand together breathing in the morning air.

“Look Silas. God is good to give us a warm day to play today, isn’t He?”

Sleepily he replies, “Yes, Mommy.  Dod is dood.  But sometimes it wains.”

He Reigns in the Rain

Marital struggles that threaten to undo us emotionally. Children with special needs that cause us tremendous challenges. Financial trials that may never let up and we become so weary of striving.
But the Saviour who has your hairs numbered knows your electric bill is past due. The One who sees a sparrow fall, knows your child needs a coat.  He knows your son’s lack of direction in a career field and He knows your daughter’s desire to be married.  He knows all the details of your horrific marriage trial.
God is always good, even when our circumstances overwhelm us.

Do Not be Anxious About Anything

An anxious and worrying mind is sinful before God.  It requires humility before Him to let go of our burdens.  The posture of trust is too weak and too dependent, and we cling to the carnal strength we wrongly perceive that we have.

To trust God with our marriage and mothering trials is the opposite of pride.  To worry questions God’s absolute sovereignty.

To have peace, yes even thankfulness, in trials requires a right view of ourselves and a right view of God.  The deep, abiding knowledge of our unworthiness to be His, alongside the dependency we have of His all-sufficient strength. And knowing that the last breath you just took was a gift of His grace.

“Bambi is the helpmeet to her high school sweetheart for seventeen years now, and they have seven blessings they are raising together for the glory of God.  Their eighth baby (a girl!) will be joining them in March, Lord willing.  Bambi enjoys good coffee, homeschooling, reading meaty books and spending time outdoors.  She enjoys blogging about family discipleship, marriage and motherhood at her blog In the Nursery of the Nation.”

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