How I Put on an Addition to our Home in One Afternoon

Family / Friday, November 4th, 2016

We live in a good size house.  We feel very blessed and thankful! It hasn’t always been that way.  With having a large family we have had to learn how to make use of small spaces.  I remember back when I had my sixth baby we were in a two bedroom home. We had three boys and three girls by the time we moved.  I thought the day that we rented and we moved into a three bedroom home it was a mansion!

Before we were married, when my husband met me our family was living in a 31 ft travel trailer.  Yes, and my “room” consisted of the bottom bunk which had a curtain that hung across it to close it off for privacy.  But, I loved my little space.  And throughout the years we have learned with Paul that “In whatsoever state I am therewith to be content.”

I also grew up with a mother who had the determination that “where there is a will there is a way.”  One day, my dad came home from a trip to find my mother had built a wall upstairs to divide up the room to better suit our family.  She taught me to be innovative, to love flexibility and to see possibility in situations. She also taught me how to think outside the box, if you will.

So today I made my oldest daughter a bedroom.  The three girls have always shared a bedroom and been very happy.  However, my oldest who just turned 16 has expressed before that having her own room would be very nice.  So tonight she has her own room.

I didn’t pound a single nail, I did not spend a single dollar, and it didn’t even take more than an afternoon’s work.  This is what I did….


I used bookshelves.  We have a very large upstairs room that has served as a family room, play room, game room, school room.  Since I don’t homeschool anymore  we don’t need as much room for studying up there.  So I took the bookshelves and arranged them as orderly as possible and made them form a wall.  See that gap on the back wall?  That’s her door where she can either leave it like it is or hang a curtain.  I was very pleased with how the shelves looked in the room.  There is still plenty of room for the play area, the family room and the pingpong/game area.  And take a look behind the “wall”…


Of course, she is not finished, she wants to hang her mirror, and hang things on her “walls”.   Daddy will make sure all the shelves are firm and sturdy and we may even “wallpaper” the back of the bookshelves that are on her side of the room. But, I think it makes such a cozy room! Her new hope chest that her daddy made for her fits nicely at the end of her bed.


So that was our excitement for the afternoon.  My daughter is pleased as can be and it seems to be a wonderful solution for the time being.  Who knows maybe one day we will put up some real walls.  In the meantime, she is up there sleeping soundly right now.  Along with her other two sisters who joined her.  😂

Have a wonderful weekend!

~ Jenny