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Family / Friday, June 8th, 2012


For the last year and a half I have been seeking to use whatever wise methods I could to grow A Mother’s Heritage.  My hope has been to encourage others like myself in the glorious but difficult trenches of Titus 2 living.

I also have hopes that one day I might be able to bring in a bit of extra income, if the Lord is pleased.  That being said I have also been committed to doing so on a limited budget.  I did not want to pull any from my family’s budget for the sake of this blog.

The Lord has opened up some amazing blessings for me in this journey, including winning a free blog makeover from Honeycomb Designs Studio (didn’t she do a fabulous job?)  BTW, I would highly recommend anyone working with Honey…she is a blessing!

There have also been several key blogging friends that have been such sweet encouragements to me.  Through these online friendships I have grown to love these women and admire them.  Jacinda from Growing Home is one of those kindred spirits.

That’s why when Jacinda announced her new ebook How to Grow your Blog and Manage your Home., I was very excited!  In this ebook Jacinda has written out key tips that bloggers need to know and steps that can be taken to grow your blog without spending a dime.  No need for expensive consultations!  In this ebook Jacinda touches on so many issues that will give you a boost and get you well on your way!

Jacinda also shares with you how she balances her blogging with her home life as a wife and mother, which is paramount for a keeper at home.  I love her reminders:

[box]One of the unfortunate things modern technology has heightened in our culture is the ability to
stay at home without keeping the home. While we can be bodily present inside the four walls,
our hearts can be far away, thanks to the misuse of telephone and computer. I wonder, how
many individuals, families, even entire churches have been destroyed by idle gossip among
women around the knitting table, telephone, and now more prevalently – the Internet?
Keeping the home involves far more than staying at home; it means having a heart that is
fixated there too.[/box]

Check out Jacinda’s table of contents!

Chapter 1 | Should you blog? 
Chapter 2 | Good reasons to grow your blog
  • Income
  • Ministry
  • Community
  • Personal Growth
Chapter 3 | This is my schedule and I’m sticking to it
Chapter 4 | What NOT to do
  • Personal information
  • Plagiarism
  • Desperation
  • Giving Up
Chapter 5 | 11 Ways to better Content
  • Originality
  • Length of posts
  • Titles
  • Engaging your readers
  • Choosing fonts
  • Including hyperlinks
  • Photos
  • Kindness
  • Writing well
  • Staying inspired
  • Knowing your audience
Chapter 6 | Layout and Design
  • Keeping it simple
  • Header focus
  • Color conscious
  • Fancy font usage
  • White space
  • Centering gadgets
  • Placement and location
  • User-friendly commenting system
  • Effective images
  • Easy navigation
  • Call to action
  • Different browsers
Chapter 7 | Dynamic Strategies
  • Link Parties
  • Commenting
  • Following
  • Guest Posts
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Team up
  • Hosting Giveaways
  • Regular posting
  • Twitter
  • Advertising
Chapter 8 | How to make money blogging
  • How to get (and keep) advertisers
  • 29 Successful Affiliate programs
  • eBooks

I am so thrilled that Jacinda is giving away TWO free copies of How to Grow your Blog and Manage your Home to two different readers!

Simply follow the rafflecopter entries below and have fun!

 (P.S Might I also give a push for the ebook Jacinda will be releasing in a few months that is a revision of her first ebook on blog design—great stuff, I am telling you!)

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