I am allergic to mornings

Family, Homeschooling, Mothering / Monday, June 20th, 2011

This is a confession:

I am allergic to mornings.

Yup, I am just sure that I create some sort of antibodies against that AM hour.

Could it have to do with the fact that my mama would keep me up to be able to play with my daddy when he got home from work late, when I was just months old?

Could it also have to do with the fact, that my dad let me stay up once when he went to bed, when I was four.  He thought I would for sure fall asleep, but instead found me watching the Rifleman at 2 AM?

Could it also have to do with the fact that at nighttime it is quiet and all my duties are done, so I can relax?

Could it also have to do with the fact that I stay up way too late, so mornings come far too fast?

And now, could it also have to do with the fact that I have this amazingly cute 2 month old who likes to eat at night?

But, aside from all that.

  • The Bible does commend early rising.
  • The saying is true “Morning has gold in it’s mouth.”
  • The day just goes so much better when I get up earlier.

And so my friends, I am asking the Lord to help me be able to get up earlier in the mornings, even baby steps earlier.

Any of you with me in this?

Anyone else relate?

Can I get another cup of coffee now?


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