I choose to delight…

Family, Homemaking, Mothering / Monday, June 13th, 2011
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Today I chose to delight in my children:

I delight in my 10 year old daughter whom I can always count on to do a task for me thoroughly and with a good attitude.

I delight in my chubby infant whose smiles and coos cause our hearts to melt and swell with joy.

I delight in my soon to be 14 year old son who is on the verge of manhood and finds pleasure in protecting and caring for his mother.

I delight in my 5 year old daughter whose little high pitched voice is so sweet as she says “It’s time for worship!”

I delight in my 7 year old son whose cheerful “goodnight” warms my whole inside as I close the door for his rest time on his bed.

I delight in my 12 year old son who loves to make me precious gifts that are of his own invention.

I delight in my 8 year old daughter who is so nurturing and mothering towards her newborn brother.

I delight in the Lord who gave me such treasures.  I pray I may be found faithful in my keeping of them.

So Mothers, delight in your children today…
and leave me a comment telling me what gives you delight in them.

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