I dread this twice a year…

Homemaking, Mothering / Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

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This week is one of those times that I dread so badly.  It occurs twice a year.  And it is so overwhelming that I would love to take the first cruise to the Bahamas to avoid it.  What is it?

It’s the seasonal clothes change-out. With seven children you can imagine the amount of clothes there are…there is just no way around it.

And so I delve in.  This week is the week.  As I sit amidst huge piles of clothes and look around at the mountains of work, I am having trouble with my own advice.

I need to Embrace the Mess!

Can I do this for the glory of God?

I am afraid that I have not done this as I should this year.  I get short and irritable.  Overwhelmed and just plain crabby.  I still have so much to learn and be sanctified by.

Here are some details of how I handle to switch-out…

  • Some years I jump in with both feet and do not stop until the last item is sorted and taken care of.  This entails several hours and a very weary mama afterwards.  But, it gets done quickly.
  • This year, I have chosen to set myself limits and take a bite at a time each day.  1-2 hours each day.
  • My switch-out entails:
  • ~Sorting through the summer clothes and deciding if it goes in the pile for giveaway, or for someone to wear next summer.

    ~Reorganizing the now more empty drawers.

    ~Going through the winter clothes that have been stored and deciding if it fits someone, is to be stored away for next winter or given away.  I have the children try on things, if need be, and get their imput on if they REALLY will wear something.  If they will not wear it, then it goes.

    ~Putting the new seasons clothes in their drawers.

    ~For the girls this has to be done for their drawers and the hanging dresses and skirts.

    ~I do this for the girls room, the boys room and we also go through winter jackets and coats.

    It’s alot of work, but necessary work.  There is usually a couple of large trash bags to be given away. When it is completed, it feels so good!

    Order has returned and we are ready for the new season!

    Do you have any secrets to share?  How do you handle the seasonal change?


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