I give you permission to go ahead and laugh!

Family, Homemaking, Mothering / Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Once and awhile a good laugh at yourself is a good thing.  Yup, a real good thing.  Laughter is good like a medicine.  So today I give you permission to laugh at me.

What do you get when you put together a new pool, a crazy mama and good intentions?  You get a few days on the couch and hobbling around on a crutch!

It all started when my sweet husband found a wonderful deal on Craigslist for a swimming pool for our family.  It’s just perfect for us…3 feet deep and 12 feet across. Enough water for even adults to enjoy, but shallow enough for all my littles (except the baby, of course).  Daddy and the children got it all set up and filled, and Daddy made a gate off the back deck to step down right into the pool via the ladder.  Notice I said step down.

This is while the pool was still being filled up a couple of days before.

Well, I had told dh that I was not getting in this particular day, wanting to let the water warm up a few days first.

Well, I changed my mind.

They were all having such a good time out there splashing and playing-

and I decided to surprise them-

and be a fun mom…

So I changed my clothes, asked mom to hold my baby, and gracefully climbed into the pool to the squeals of delight from my children went dashing across the deck, and hurled into the water.

The three feet of water.

I sure surprised them alright…yup, sure did. And I surprised myself by hitting the bottom of the pool straight legged.  HARD.  It felt like my shins instantly bent with the shock.

I am so not living this down.  Can I be a hero for good intentions?

Within a few minutes it became clear that I could not put any weight on my right foot, but thankfully no bad swelling, indicating a sprain instead of a break.  So I have been on the couch a few days, experimenting on learning how to use a crutch and laughing at myself.

Just for the record...this is not me.

Laughing at yourself…you should try it sometime.

And I did make a memory…just sayin’.

Ok, your turn to share something that you laugh at yourself with. Leave me a comment!

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