The Day I Stopped Functioning Pt. 2

Depression, Family, plexus / Tuesday, March 17th, 2015


If you missed part one of my journey click HERE.

As I mentioned in part one, my friend had shared with me about some plant based supplements that were helping her.  She had adrenal fatigue like me.  Through the Lord’s blessing she had gone from being bedridden to gaining strength daily. I watched her awhile on facebook wanting to believe her, but hesitant. But, then I decided with the 60 day guarantee it was time to give it a try.

My husband was so skeptical but he let me try it.  I have to say I thought it would just be added to the list of things that didn’t work.

The first week, I had a good week but thought it might just have been coincidence.

The second week, was good but I was planning a trip so there were situational things that could have boosted me.

The third week we were out of town. I always end up at least once during that week in a crumpled mess of exhaustion needing a recharge, but this time it didn’t happen.  I also was noticing I could confront stress more rationally and calmly.

When we got home I thought I would surely experience a fatigue crash. Well, I was tired as anyone would be, but as I was unpacking I started cleaning out my closet!

Pretty soon my husband was noticing how different I was in my responses, in my energy, in my ability to handle stress and in my general happiness.1359300505

In short, my brain began to wake up again. Instead of being in the mental fog and haze of overwhelmingness feeling like a failure at every turn, I began to be able to encourage myself, take problems on rather than shrinking back. I could attempt to make decisions again and I look forward to my days.  This was HUGE! I cannot tell you how happy we were!

After a couple months of being consistent. I could say that for the first time in a long while I had hope again! The crushing depression, horrific fogginess, trouble with decisions, overwhelmed at the tiniest thing, it was almost gone! The life sucking fatigue was heading in the directions of going into more normal tiredness range. I was excited!

I still have a long way to go.  When you have the severity of illness that I had healing does not happen overnight.  But, I am excited about the direction I am headed. The more I researched the more I am so impressed.  I feel as though I am giving my whole body help.  I have stopped some of my other supplements and am weaning back on my medications.

The more I learn about how core nutrients work in our bodies, I am understanding how working on these root issues can be helping so many different  ailments and illnesses.  Because we are working at deep healing, rather than covering symptoms!

I am so thankful to the Lord and am now passionate about helping others like myself.  I would love to help you get started experiencing a regaining of your energy, health and ability to serve your Lord,  your home and your family! I am so blessed.  I get to share with others and help them work on their health issues all from the comfort of my home (and sometimes in my PJ’s 🙂  Email me at

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