I’m Back

Family, Heart Talk, Homeschooling, Spiritual Encouragement / Monday, May 18th, 2015

Some of you may have noticed I have posted a few posts in the past couple of months after about a 2 year sabbatical.  I had to pretty much shut down the blog years ago because it was taking over my life.  You may remember my farewell post.  So why am I back now?

Well, alot of water has gone under the bridge since I last wrote that post. My babies have grown up a little more, my life has ebbed and flowed in various ways.  I had a health crash in which we hit rock bottom in many ways.  The Lord ministered to us over and over through our family and our church.  Life had to look alot different than we thought it would look.  Our homeschooling had to look different than we thought it would look.  But, it has all been in His good, wise, pleasure to bring us down this tough and difficult path.  When you are in the midst of affliction all those “words” you spoke in times of ease kind of fall away. And that is good.

And then the Lord saw fit to begin me on a path of healing again and has given us a bit of reprieve.  After many years of prayer and trying SO many different things, He has shown me some marvelous direction for my health. If you haven’t I hope you will read health story.

I love to write.  It is a passion of mine. I have blogged for many years, first on the private blogs that only the family saw, then here on A Mother’s Heritage.  The problem is that over time I had lost the joy of blogging.  I lost the joy of it and instead of it serving me I began serving it.  So this time it is my hope that it will be different.

This time my posting might be sporatic.  No more deadlines and trying to keep up with the next big blogger for me.  No more pressures to make my blog look or be “relevant.”  No more fixating on the numbers reading and my ratings.  I just will be here, posting when I have free time, encouraging who I can, and sharing what the Lord puts on my heart.
I hope to start putting up some health articles with helpful links of things that I have and am learning along the way of rebuilding my health.  I have learned so much and am still learning.  And in that line I hope to share more health related posts as well.

I hope to be putting up some of those more fun personal mom things that I miss sharing about.

I hope to be sharing godly quotes from Matthew Henry’s commentary and other sources to edify and encourage.

But, you won’t find me spending hours making sure my blog design keeps up with the times.  You won’t find me trying to put lots of advertisements from others up on my sidebars.  You won’t find me doing tons of link-ups or all those things that trap you into deadlines.  I may not even spell-check my posts everytime!  🙂

So, if my journey suits you and you want to come along with little ole’ me….welcome back to A Mother’s Heritage!