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Family, Mothering / Friday, September 9th, 2011

I have stayed up with a second wind, getting things cleaned up and last minute organizing done for school starting this next week.  So guess what?  It is Friday now!  And what better way to wind down before bed than spending a few minutes with you, taking 5 minutes to express my thoughts free from distraction of micro-editing.  Today’s prompt from Five Minute Friday is:



We see them in the homeschool books, the motivational seminars, and on the latest DVD of childtraining and godly living seminars.

They are the perfect families, the ones where all the children dress alike, have their hair parted down the middle just so, and all play the violins.  They all say Yes Ma’am and No Ma’am and greet you cheerfully.  They all smile with white, shiny teeth, and the girls wear beautifully handmade dresses.

But, in real life it is messy.  True love has mess and dirtiness attached to it.  True grace is found in the thick of the messy diaper and 3rd throw up bowl of the evening.

Cherrios behind the couch, and the stray sock soaked by last nights rain-

Fruit flies that found their way to the leftover jellied toast that was someone’s afternoon snack-

Fingerprints on the bathroom lightswitch from the ice cream sandwich that Daddy decided to treat everyone with…


Yes, it is messy, and not always pretty…

But it is *LOVELY in real life.

*Finished after the timer went off.  🙂


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