Intentional Mothering

Family, Health, Homemaking, Homeschooling, Mothering, plexus / Monday, November 30th, 2015

It’s late (er, rather early). ¬†I have been feeling so good lately, but maybe sometimes too good. ūüôā ¬†Because this body sometimes just wants to keep right on going into the night hours. ¬†But, I am thankful. ¬†Thankful for the strength to have lots of friends over for Thanksgiving. ¬†Thankful to have our new home to open up hospitably to others. ¬†You see, our family really loves hosting others in our home. ¬†Whether it is to have a family of 13 overnight for a few days, or our entire church gathering on a cozy, winter Friday evening. ¬†Whether fancy decorations for Thanksgiving or paper plates and Little Caesars pizza. It doesn’t matter. ¬†To have ones into your home in fellowship is a true blessing from the Lord. ¬†And I am so thankful for the strength to do so again.

So tomorrow¬†today we begin our new schedule. With our recent move, things have been a little more flexible, but it’s time to have a bit more structure in oue home. A schedule or routine for the children is something I tweak often as we enter into new seasons of life. ¬†Sometimes ¬†it looks much the same ¬†as the old one but with a bit of a twist here and there. ¬†This year my little 4 1/2 year old is ready to begin some learning. ¬†And this year I have my oldest son graduated and doing his own college long distance while still here at home.

But, I have also done something else.  I have drawn up a bit of a schedule for myself now as well.  As many of you know, I have a home business and the Lord has opened many doors up for me in helping other struggling, overwhelmed, fatigued moms and it is such a blessing.  It is so totally doable even amidst my busy home of 10.  What a blessing it has been to be able to have this ministry, earn some extra income and yet be here for my children with my home as first priority.  So this new routine is another step in that direction.  You see, it is easy for my home business work to bleed over into everyday life and before I know it I have not sat down and read to my 4 year old or tickled my toddler.  A quick question that a customer has might easily turn into a couple hours of research.  I love doing all those things, but my little people here in my home must come first.



So I am seeking to become more intentional with my time. ¬†Instead of the day running me, I want to run my day. ¬†So I have set myself up on a loose schedule as well. ¬†In the morning I have a brief time to deal with any overnight or early morning Plexus questions, needs, etc. ¬†I will do a few minutes of Plexus work and then put it away. ¬†Then, I want to be with my children INTENTIONALLY and not be distracted knowing that those other things will be gotten to later on. ¬†Taking the time to help my 4 year old learn to read, play a game with the little ones, help the older one with his research paper or answer a math question from my daughter. ¬†Even if they are working on their schooling independantly –I want to intentionally be there, available. ¬†Later in the day then, when the toddler lays down for a nap and the others are working quietly and independantly–the house will become quiet for a set amount of time. That’s when I plan on working at my home business. ¬†That’s when Mommy will be focussing on her home business. ¬†After that will be dinner prep, dinner, family worship, cleanup and family time. ¬†When the littles go down to bed then I will have another hour or so working on my business till time with hubby. ¬†And yes, that time with husband is so important and non-negotiable as well. ¬†So, I am excited and ¬†we shall see how this new schedule goes.


I know usually the new year is the time for such changes and rebooting but for our family this seems to be the best time after our move. ¬†So here we go. ¬†If the Lord is pleased to bless it then all shall be well. ¬†But, first maybe I should get some sleep. ūüėČ

Do you have a schedule at your house?  What does your routine look like?