Lessons from the honeybee

Family, Mothering, Spiritual Encouragement / Friday, December 23rd, 2011


I stepped outside of the shower. The weight of the daily duties weighing heavily upon my shoulders. The cares of the next item that needs to be checked off my mental list looming like a post it note in front of my eyes. The weariness of body that comes from giving nurse to my baby through the night hours pulling on me. And I looked out the window absentmindedly and…

I saw her.

I saw her as a little reminder from the Lord.

I saw her busily drinking. Sipping sweetness.

This little bumblebee was hovering over the bush outside my window, and in her actions I hear the voice of God to me.

In the midst of the many, overwhelming at times, duties…there is sweetness in it for me.

I need to take the time to drink the sweetness God has for me today.

Maybe it is the sweetness of rocking my baby, coloring with my daughter, throwing a basketball with my boys.

Maybe it is the sweetness of rubbing my husband’s back, or serving a surprise dessert.

Or maybe it is the sweetness of caring for a sick child, relieving the mind of a troubled teenage son, or kissing the boo boo of a toddler.

There is a sweetness to absorb from not only the joys, but the afflictions if I will see them.

So even in the midst of the busy duties, and worrisome troubles…

Even the busyness of making family memories, we mothers can take on huge loads of stress… We must remember the honeybee, contentedly drinking the portion God has for us today.

What portion of sweetness can you find today?




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