Let’s Get Healthy! Weight Loss Accountability

Family, Health, plexus / Friday, October 9th, 2015

It has been awhile.  Life has been in fast forward.  Moving 12 people…’nuff said. 🙂

Seriously though, the Lord provided an amazing house for us built by a homeschooling family.  Lots of storage, a large school room—we feel like we are in a dream.

But, moving 12 people from point A to point B is a huge undertaking and has been all consuming.  It will still be weeks till we are fully settled, but we are very excited and I am looking forward to feathering my new nest. 🙂 We will probably take one more week off of homeschool to get things in order and then get cracking again.  We have had a break in our homeschool coop meetings which could not have come at a better time and J is on hold with his CollegePlus starting back work on his bachelors on the 15th.

As a health update even through all the stress of moving the Lord has really upheld me.  I continue to make progress in my healing journey.  I am so thankful for the repairing work that is being done in my body. Just the help with the deep blues and mental fog alone is HUGE!

I am ready now to work on phase two of my health and that is to seek to get rid of the extra weight I have been carrying.  After 8 children and hormone imbalances including the AF, I have ALOT of weight to lose.  But, my focus has had to be on healing first.  I have a lot of things against me still and I may have to work extra hard but I am determined to do my best.

I have a three-fold plan…
1. Continue to take my Plexus products and possibly add in some of their natural weight loss helps.

2. Return to doing the Trim, Healthy Mama plan. (I have done it before so it is familiar to me)

3. Begin a consistent, gentle exercise plan.  (Because of Adrenal Fatigue I have to be careful not to do a lot of heavy exercise but I can do things like walking, Pilates or T-Tapp.

So I hope to begin all of this in the next week or so.  How about you?  Would you like to join me?

I have started a Facebook group for accountability. Whether you are using the THM plan like I will be, doing weight watchers, just cleaning up your diet or whatever works for you, Let’s support each other! I would like the group to be a place of encouragement, tips, ideas for meals.  We can pray for each other, post pics of our food and be helpful to one another.  Let’s make this challenge a fun and enjoyable experience!  So who’s in?  So, head over and join!

Well, it is after 3:30 am. Yes crazy me was wide awake tonight so decided to do some things and of course then I got so involved I stayed up way later than I should have.  I will regret this later on and I better try to get some rest to go to our house closing tomorrow, Lord willing.  Goodnight!

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